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NYK Receives Highest Rating on SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan

December 15, 2011

NYK has received the highest rating on an environmental assessment loan* conducted by the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC; president Takeshi Kunibe).

NYK’s superior rating is the result of its environmental management system and environmental communications, both of which were determined to be at an extremely high level, in addition to the company’s environment-sensitive corporate management, which was assessed as being “excellent.”
NYK places environmental issues at the very top of its corporate priorities. The Cool Earth Project, launched in April 2008 under the direct supervision of the company president, was given a more permanent stature with the April 2010 creation of the company’s new Environment Group. The company also has an Environmental Management Vision, and a long-term vision through which the company contributes to global efforts to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. Specifically, the NYK Group has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by a minimum of 10 percent compared to fiscal 2006 levels, with a target date of 2013, and has even implemented a number of environmental technologies, including installation of a developed hybrid power supply system on a solar-power-assisted car carrier and an air-lubrication system on module vessels. In addition, as mentioned in the group’s medium-term management plan “More Than Shipping 2013,” the company strives to optimize vessel operations to maximize fuel economy by the broadbandization between onshore operations and vessels, resulting in real-time information sharing between vessels and onshore operations.
Moreover, in an effort to comprehensively grasp the load situation throughout all group companies and promote further reductions at the individual company level, we gather environmental-load data from group companies all over the world, confirm the effect on biodiversity on each aspect of shipbuilding, operation, shipbreaking, recycling with the consideration of biodiversity, and prompt sequentially the installation of ballast water management systems on our ships before the ballast-water management convention takes effect.
NYK will continue its efforts to realize a sustainable society through activities related to conservation of the global environment and the development of environmental technologies.
*The SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan System provides customers with a simplified diagnosis of those areas where their activities could be improved from an environmental perspective. The assessment uses a standard created by SMBC and Japan Research Institute Limited (president: Yasuyuki Kimoto) and establishes loan conditions based on the assessment.
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