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New Video Profiling the NYK Group Released

November 7, 2011

English and Japanese versions of a 12-minute video introducing the current business activities of the NYK Group were posted on the group’s websites on November 7. The video, titled “NYK Group Profile 2011,” provides up-to-date information about the various segments of NYK’s business and how each fits together in the extensive ocean, land, and air transport services provided by the company.

The video begins with an introduction of each field of business within the company’s global logistics and bulk shipping sectors, among others. Video of NYK ships, aircraft, and land facilities are featured, and CG is effectively utilized, to effectively demonstrate the dynamism and appeal that is a part of each business.
This is followed by an introduction of the group’s medium-term management plan, “More Than Shipping 2013: Grow with Asia, Expand across the Globe,” which was launched in April, and the plan’s emphasis on blending traditional shipping with value-added strategies. Combining simple charts with images shot in various parts of the world, easy-to-comprehend explanations are provided for the three key businesses of the group: global logistics, automobile transport, and the carriage of energy and natural resources.
Finally, attention is given to the NYK Group’s emphasis on environmental technology and safe operations, and the social contributions made by the company.  
Both Japanese and English versions of the video were added to group websites at the same time and can be accessed through the web links below.
Japanese version: https://www.nyk.com/profile/video/
English version: https://www.nyk.com/english/profile/video/
If you would like a physical copy of the video, please use the below web link to make a request.
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