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NYK Sponsors Facilities for Project Hope Schools in China

September 29, 2011

warm welcome from NYK Wangping Middle School

On September 15 and 16, Keizo Nagai, a corporate officer at NYK and the company’s chief representative for China, visited NYK Wangping Middle School and NYK Xuncun No. 1 Middle School with others from NYK and received a warm welcome from the teachers, students, and local government officials. The schools are located in Ruyang county and Yiyang county, respectively, in the rural areas of Luoyang city in China.

Facilities that included 21 stainless-steel tables for the students’ canteen and 20 bunk beds for the students’ dormitory were donated to schools by Mr. Nagai on behalf of NYK Line (China) during a ceremony held to recognize the event. Mr. Nagai encouraged students to study hard to enable themselves to contribute to the prosperity of China as well as friendship between China and Japan. A school official offered the sincere gratitude of everyone at the school for the years of concern and support provided by NYK.

donated bunk beds for the students? dormitory

Through Project Hope,* the NYK Group sponsored the construction of NYK Wangping Middle School in 2001 and NYK Xuncun No. 1 Middle School in 2004. The schools have around a thousand students and some graduates have enrolled in a special academic class NYK has set up at Shanghai Maritime University to cultivate Chinese seafarers. NYK visits the schools regularly to better understand the students’ needs and offer timely aid, such as replacing classroom desks and providing dictionaries for students.

Supporting education within local communities and areas that face special challenges is an important part of NYK’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
*Project Hope
Project Hope is a public service project initiated by the China Youth Development Foundation. It encourages corporations and individuals to set up elementary and middle schools or provide financial support to youths in poverty-stricken rural areas of China to help school-age children receive an elementary- and middle-school education.
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