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New Ore Carrier Frontier Lodestar Delivered

September 26, 2011

From left:
Setsuhiro Kurokawa, executive vice president
at Imabari Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
NYK corporate officer Kazuo Ogasawara,
Mr. Ronald Peter Jackson and his wife,
Mrs. Ogasawara,
Toshiyuki Higaki, chairman at Imabari Shipbuilding

On September 15, Frontier Lodestar, a new 180,000 DWT class ore carrier built by Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd. (Mihara city, Hiroshima prefecture), a member of the Imabari Shipbuilding Group, was delivered to NYK.

The naming and delivery ceremony was attended by Mr. Ronald Peter Jackson, former chartering manager at Tata Steel UK Ltd.; Rajiv Mukerji, managing director of Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd; and Kazuo Ogasawara, corporate officer at NYK; among others.
Frontier Lodestar will be chartered to Tata NYK Shipping from NYK under a long-term contract immediately after the vessel’s delivery, and is expected to transport 1.4 million tons of ore and coal annually for Tata Steel UK.
NYK continues to its efforts to provide stable transportation for natural resources.
<Vessel particulars>
Length Overall: 291.98 meters
Breadth: 45.0 meters
Designed Draft: 24.7 meters
Gross Tonnage: 92,752 tons
Deadweight Tonnage: 181,338 tons
Builder: Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd.
§            Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd.
A joint venture established in 2007 by NYK and Tata Steel Ltd., the largest steelmaker in India. The venture transports materials to and from India mainly for the Tata Group. Capital: US$ 10 million; Equity Ownership: NYK 50% and Tata Steel Ltd. 50%; Headquarters: Singapore.
§            Tata Steel UK Ltd.
Corus Group, a merger of British Steel Plc and Koninklijke Hoogovens N.V., was established in 1999. Its name was changed to Tata Steel Europe when it was acquired by Tata Steel. Headquarters: London, UK. Tata Steel UK is a subsidiary of Tata Steel Europe.
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