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NYK Recognized at 20th Global Environment Awards Ceremony

September 21, 2011

NYK Chairman Koji Miyahara at the ceremony

NYK received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 20th annual Earth Environment Awards ceremony in Tokyo on September 20. The event is sponsored by the Fujisankei Communications Group and was attended by NYK chairman Koji Miyahara.

 The Global Environment Awards are given to corporations, local governments, universities, colleges, and citizens’ groups that make significant contributions to environmental conservation activities. This is the fourth time for NYK to be recognized at the Global Environment Awards. The company won the Nippon Keidanren Chairman Award in 2005, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism Award in 2007, and the Excellent Company Selected by Earth Environment Conference Award in 2009.
This year, NYK was recognized for its corporate efforts that included the innovative air-lubrication system installed on module carriers Yamatai and Yamato, and the installation of NYK e-missions’, a seamless integrated operation management system for establishing maritime pollution prevention measures and environmental protection strategies on a global scale.
The innovative air-lubrication system is a system that supplies air to the vessel’s bottom and thus reduces the frictional resistance between the vessel’s bottom and the seawater. It makes possible the reduction of CO2 emissions during maritime transport.
NYK e-missions’ is currently being used on about 800 of the vessels in operation for the NYK Group and provides information about the positions of vessels in operation and weather and sea conditions for the intended routes of vessels. Relevant parties both at sea and on land monitor and share risk information, and prompt measures can be immediately taken against accidents, effectively preventing accidents before they occur.
The NYK Group continues its efforts with environmental technologies to contribute to society as well as taking part in various activities to protect the environment.
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