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NYK Issues Its 2011 CSR Report

August 29, 2011

NYK has issued the English edition of its 2011 CSR report. NYK began issuing annual Social & Environmental reports in 2002, changing the name in 2005 to emphasize CSR, so this is the 10th such report to be published by the company. The report focuses on initiatives to address social and environmental issues of particular importance to the business of the NYK Group, and consists of the following key sections.

+ Top Commitment
We enrich people’s lives through monohakobi,* placing safe, environment-friendly operations foremost among our priorities
This year’s edition begins with NYK president Yasumi Kudo discussing the group’s most important issues — safe operations and environmental challenges. He emphasizes the NYK Group’s new medium-term management plan, maintaining rigorous compliance, and the continuing commitment to the UN Global Compact initiatives.
+ Special Feature
Monohakobi that enriches lives and protects the environment
The NYK Group has set a 2013 target of reducing CO2 emissions by a minimum of 10 percent compared to fiscal 2006 levels. This special feature spotlights our innovative technologies and transportation strategies of reducing CO2 emissions to reach the goal.
+ Stakeholder Dialogue
Operating our own merchant marine academy to train high quality seafarers
This dialogue features experts speaking about the importance and challenges of crew education at the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy in the Philippines, an NYK-operated facility from which the first class of cadets began onboard training in April 2010 after several years of coursework.
This report is one of the ways that the NYK Group proactively communicates information to the public at large, earning the trust of stakeholders throughout the world and becoming an indispensable member of society.
NYK continues to make every effort to move forward on CSR, which is an integral part of the infrastructure through which the company conducts its business.
The report can be accessed through the web link below.
The Japanese edition of the report was published on June 23, 2011, and is available at https://www.nyk.com/csr/report/current/
*Monohakobi: The goal of our business activities is to create a comprehensive logistics group that is a world leader in the provision of ocean, land, and air services.
We call this monohakobi.


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