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NYK Hosts Fleet Safety Promotion Conference

July 29, 2011

On three dates in July, NYK hosted a safety promotion conference for shipowners and ship-management companies throughout Japan, as well as ship-management companies overseas.

Drawing on lessons learned from the Diamond Grace oil spill in July 1997, the NYK Group conducts a month-long campaign every July to encourage all NYK employees to bear in mind the importance of safe operations. This conference was part of that campaign.
Sixty-six participants from 31 shipowners and ship-management companies in Japan attended a session at the NYK head office in Tokyo on July 6, and 32 participants from 20 ship-management companies from overseas attended a session at the same location on July 7. A third session was held at the Imabari Kokusai Hotel on July 27, and this session hosted 51 participants from 21 ship-management companies.
At the conferences, piracy concerns and rule revisions were discussed, in addition to fiscal 2010 accident statistics, details of serious accidents that occurred over the previous year, and prevention measures. NYK’s safety promotion activities for 2010 were then reviewed, and the action policy for 2011 was distributed. Moreover, for 2011 safety promotion activities, participants were asked to devise countermeasures against accidents involving ship handling, oil leakage, and blackouts, as they were encouraged to continue their cooperation with safety awareness measures and safe operations. At the same time, participants greatly benefited from the intra-fleet communication facilitated by the conference.
The NYK Group intends to continue these annual conferences and seminars in order to ensure the safety of all NYK ships. The company actively strives to keep shipping operations safe for the entire NYK fleet, including NYK Group affiliates, ship-management companies, shipowners, and marine- and land-related parties.
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