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NYK Conducts Mock Crisis-Response Press Conference

July 13, 2011

NYK conducted a mock crisis-response press conference on July 12 based on a scenario that had the NYK bulk carrier Frontier Discovery colliding with a leisure fishing boat. This simulated press conference was part of the company’s Remember Naka-no-Se Campaign, which has been conducted throughout July every year since 1998 to remind NYK Group members of the importance of safe operations and to ensure that lessons remain learned from the Diamond Grace oil spill that occurred in 1997.

A summary of the exercise is provided below.
Accident Scenario
Frontier Discovery, NYK-owned/operated bulk carrier, collides with a leisure fishing boat 16.5 kilometers west of Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture. The fishing boat sinks. No oil leaks from the NYK vessel, but oil leakage is seen from the leisure fishing boat.
Five of the nine crew members and passengers are rescued from the leisure fishing boat, but three of them are confirmed dead and four remain missing.
NYK Response
1) NYK established a crisis management headquarters in response to Frontier Discovery’s collision with the leisure fishing boat.
2) Based on the assumption that NYK had collected related information through concerned parties, including the Japan Coast Guard, NYK began preparing to disclose information.
3) NYK held a mock press conference, at which NYK president Yasumi Kudo and NYK managing corporate officer Koichi Akamine explained the accident to the press.
We reconfirmed the importance of a rapid response to accidents, a quick collection of information, and immediate and precise explanations of the accident to the public through news releases and press conferences.
NYK continues to make every effort to remain socially accountable and to stress the importance of sage operations and environmental conservation in its business activities.
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