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South Islander Rescues 27 Sailors in Distress

April 20, 2011

South Islander

South Islander, a multipurpose containership (flag: Panama; gross tonnage: 18,174 tons; captain: Gideon P. Avengoza) owned by NYK-Hinode Line Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK Line, rescued all 27 fishermen (10 Japanese, 8 Indonesians, and 9 Kiribati) from a troubled fishing vessel, Daiichi Shoei Maru (gross tonnage: 499 tons), 870 kilometers east of Guam on April 17.

Daiichi Shoei Maru requested the rescue after its engine room caught fire. South Islander was sailing from Yokohama to Honiara, Solomon Islands, and was 222 kilometers southwest of this fishing vessel when the United States Coast Guard radioed a request to assist at around 2:20 p.m. (JST) on April 17. South Islander rushed to the scene, and at about 10:20 p.m., found the abandoned crew in life rafts a safe distance from the burning Daiichi Shoei Maru. All 27 fishermen were then safely transferred to the South Islander at about 10:30 p.m. The rescued fishermen are in good health on board South Islander, which is continuing to Honiara. ?
§            About South Islander
Captain: Gideon P. Avengoza
Flag: Panama
Crew: 20 Filipinos (including the captain)
Gross Tonnage: 18,174 tons
Type of vessel: multipurpose containership
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