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The NYK Group Adopts New Logo

April 1, 2011

The NYK Group will begin using a new unified group logo as of April 1.

The previous NYK unified group logo — the “Double Wing” — had been utilized since 2001 and symbolized the NYK brand as a comprehensive logistics enterprise. To complement a new medium-term management plan announced on March 31, the NYK Group has renewed the design of the unified group logo to emphasize the unity of the group as it begins a strategic business expansion.

The concept of the new NYK Group logo is based on the “Double Wing” to emphasize the group’s finely-tuned responses to customers’ needs and the neighborly socially conscious services provided by the group. A single color scheme, called “NYK blue,” has been adopted to promote the NYK spirit needed for further strategic expansion by a group working in harmony together.
*The NYK Group logo is a registered trademark of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and may not be used for any purpose without the prior approval of the company.
l         New medium-term management plan
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