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First Platinum Recipients Recognized in Vessel Operations Meister Program

March 23, 2011

Front row: first platinum recipients

On March 10, NYK held an awards ceremony to recognize first six platinum recipients in the company’s Vessel Operations Meister Program.

This program was established last year to encourage a continual improvement in professional skills among the company’s employees and a greater emphasis on safety and efficiency. The program has four categories — silver, gold, platinum, and meister — and applicants gain recognition by meeting required conditions in the areas of knowledge, training, and experience. Last year, only applicants from NYK Line, not those from NYK Group companies, could participate in the program and attain a level of silver or gold. In this second year, the program expanded to three categories — i.e., silver, gold, and platinum — and employees from two Japanese companies within the NYK Group started to enter the program.
At the platinum level, not only stable vessel operational performance but also a wide range of ability, knowledge, and experience, including the ability to teach and preside over, are required. After an extensive review of their performance, six employees were recognized as the first platinum recipients among the current operation-control managers or those with previous experience. The review was conducted by a certification board made up of employees and directors who twice tested the participants for optimal vessel operations emphasizing both safety and profitability. In addition, a case study based on an actual operated vessel was conducted to test participants' skills as a vessel-operation management representative.
At the awards ceremony, NYK director and senior managing corporate officer Naoya Tazawa commented, “As the first platinum recipients, you are pioneers of vessel operations in the NYK Group. We would like you to continue to be a model for younger staff.”
Since the introduction of the program, 119 NYK Group employees have received recognitions — 6 in the platinum, 48 in the gold, and 65 in the silver category.
NYK will continue its efforts to provide better service by deepening the knowledge and enhancing the operational quality of its staff through this Vessel Operations Meister Program.
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