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NYK Offers Free Transport of Aid Supplies to Survivors of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

March 22, 2011


The NYK Group has announced that it will be offering free international transportation of relief supplies to the Tohoku and Kanto regions of Japan, where a massive earthquake hit on March 11, triggering a devastating tsunami.
We pass on our genuine condolences to victims and related parties suffering from the disaster, and sincerely wish a quick recovery to people living in the affected area.
Details of this NYK relief initiative are as follows:
1.      Definition of free transportation
l         Transportation to the affected area will be provided for free from loading at container yards at international ports to unloading at container yards at domestic ports called by NYK vessels.
l         Transportation will be held by container vessels (dry containers).
2.      Conditions for acceptance
1)      Both the sender (shipper) and recipient (consignee) should be public organizations, such as national and local governments. Other recipients can be those that meet the requirements of the NYK Group-JPF Joint Aid Supplies Transportation Project, which NYK has been implementing together with the NGO Japan Platform (JPF)* since 2004. For NGOs and private entities, please make inquiries to each organization.
2)      The contact address of the shipper and consignee must be clearly marked on packaged items, along with descriptions of items and quantities to be transported.
3)      Domestic and international loading and unloading ports must be those called by NYK vessels.
4)      Customs procedures and land transportation from points of departure and arrival should be arranged by the shipper and consignee.
5)      Items are limited to relief aid supplies to the affected area. Hazardous materials, animals, and restricted matter are excluded items.
Adjustments may occur, depending on space available within vessel hulls and/or conditions at container terminals.
3.      Duration of applied term
These transport conditions apply to relief materials arriving at a loading container terminal by the end of May 2011. Depending on the ongoing situation, the NYK Group will examine an extension of the duration of this term.
The NYK Group expresses its deepest hopes for the earliest possible recovery to the people suffering from this disaster, and will continue its efforts to be a socially conscious company.
* Japan Platform (JPF): Japan Platform is an international humanitarian assistance organization established to provide quick and effective emergency relief during natural disasters and refugee situations. The Japanese government, Japanese business community, and nongovernmental organizations are integrated equally to draw on the resources and unique features of each sector. Website: http://www.japanplatform.org/E/index.html
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