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NYK Maritime Museum Welcomes 300,000th Visitor

February 25, 2011

300,000th visitor Kawashima family
in front of the museum

The NYK Maritime Museum, located in Yokohama, Japan, welcomed its 300,000th visitor on the afternoon of February 20.  

As museum staff eagerly awaited their next visitor, Toshiyuki Kawashima walked through the entrance with his family. The family lives in Yokohama, and his son Kohei has special fondness for ships, explaining that the “model containership was particularly impressive during a previous visit with my mother.”
In honor of the occasion, Museum Director Shigeru Shimizu presented the surprised family with coffee cups featuring Asama Maru, a description of the museum’s current exhibition, and a pair of tickets for a lunchtime cruise of Tokyo Bay.
The NYK Maritime Museum opened in December 1993, underwent a renewal and name change in 2003, and now welcomes about 30,000 visitors per year. Various events and exhibitions are regularly held at the museum. For more details, please visit the museum website (https://www.nyk.com/rekishi/e/index.htm).
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