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NYK Makes Third Heartful Donation

July 30, 2010

 The NYK Group conducted its third Heartful Donation Campaign from June 1 to 28. At the end of the campaign, the amount contributed by the Group’s directors and employees totaled 1 million yen after the Group’s matching gift1 was added. The amount was then donated to three NPOs through the Philanthropy Bank2 of the Japan Philanthropic Association.3

 The three NPOs selected to receive donations this year were Nishiwaki Fund, which subsidizes school expenses for students who have been in foster care or raised at nursing homes; Family House, which provides accommodations for children who are receiving medical treatment, and their families, while away from home; and Pao, which provides after-school care and holiday programs for children with developmental disorders. NYK introduced the NPOs’ activities by posting information on its internal bulletin board and then inviting the organizations to explain their activities at a presentation meeting held at the NYK head office on June 7. The employees learned more about the activities of the three organizations and made donations to those they chose to support using the company’s intranet or a collection box at the head office.
 In 2008, the NYK Group began supporting NPOs recommended by the Japan Philanthropic Association in conjunction with the Philanthropy Bank system, aiming to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities. The NYK Group will continue to provide support to organizations tacking issues for the benefit of society.
 More information about donation recipients is provided below.
* Nishiwaki Fund
Nishiwaki Fund supports students who have been in a children’s nursing home or foster care by giving the students aid to go to university or a specialty school. The organization raises money through events such as charity concerts. This is NYK’s second contribution to Nishiwaki Fund, following a donation in 2009.

* Family House
Family House provides inexpensive, safe, and secure accommodations to children receiving medical checks and treatment, and their families, while away from home. This is NYK’s second contribution to Family House, following a donation in 2008.
Website: http://www.familyhouse.or.jp/english/index.html


* Pao
Pao provides after-school care and holiday programs for children that have developmental disorders. This is NYK’s first contribution to Pao.


1Matching gift: a program under which NYK provides an additional contribution proportional to the contributions made by employees to an NPO or similar organization.

  2Philanthropy Bank: the bank’s donation system was established by the Japan Philanthropic Association in April 2007, with the following aims:
1. To encourage a culture of individual donation and foster a volunteer mindset
2. To support the healthy nurturing of children, who represent the next generation
3. To contribute to the development of NPOs through financial contributions
  3Japan Philanthropic Association: an association that has been active since 1991 promoting social contribution activities that allow corporations to fulfill their responsibilities to society. Website: http://www.philanthropy.or.jp/english/index.html
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