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NYK Group Staff Members Participate in Fourth Beach-Cleaning Event

June 3, 2010

 The NYK Group, in collaboration with the Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation,* conducted its “Forth Beach Cleaning @ Shonan” on May 29 at Katase Kaigan Higashihama Beach in the Shonan region of Kanagawa Prefecture.

 The NYK Group, which has a special affinity for the sea, decided to organize this opportunity for its staff members so that they could contemplate the importance of the environment while participating in an activity to help clean the seashore.
Early in the morning, staff members from 13 NYK Group companies, along with family members and friends—a total of 87 people—gathered at the beach, and after receiving basic instructions, collected about 500 kilograms of garbage, an amount that would nearly fill the back of a pickup truck.
 Through this activity, the participants learned the importance of examining our daily practices and thinking carefully about how to reduce and properly dispose of garbage because most seashore garbage actually comes from towns upriver. After the cleanup, participant comments included the following: It was a good opportunity, and forced me to think about my life; I hope this cleanup encourages people to visit the area this summer and enjoy swimming in the sea; Since the last time I participated, in 2007, the amount of garbage has been reduced, and a greater penetration of eco-activity and an awareness of the need to separate garbage has been encouraged. These comments demonstrate that this opportunity helped participants think more about their impact on the environment.  
 The NYK Group promises to work positively as a good corporate citizen on activities that contribute to our society.
* Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation
The Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation promotes the beautification of the seashore, mainly around Sagami Bay, through its beach-cleaning service, not to mention a number of other coastal beautification activities by providing education, conducting research, and supporting related organizations.



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