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Asuka II Welcomes Students Studying in Istanbul

May 12, 2010

 On May 6, NYK Cruises Co. Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president: Shinji Imasaki), a subsidiary company of NYK, welcomed on board students studying at a Japanese school in Istanbul, Turkey, when the cruise ship ASUKA II arrived at the port city during its round-the-world cruise.

 A total of 65 elementary and junior high school students boarded the ship and learned about the seafarers’ duties and the structure of the cruise ship.
 During the event, the chief officer welcomed the students to the bridge and talked about the structure of the ship and the nautical instruments located on the bridge. Students attentively listened to the explanations, and during the question-and-answer session with the chief purser asked many questions, including “Which is bigger, Titanic or Asuka II ?” “How long did it take to complete the construction of Asuka II ?” and “As a seafarer, what is something that fills you with pride?”


 There are not so many opportunities for people to see ships from the inside even though the shipping industry is responsible for transporting so much of what we use in our daily lives. Therefore, the NYK Group continues to make every effort to use opportunities such as this to help those in society to develop a deeper understanding of the shipping industry and its vital role in our lives.

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