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NYK Transports Boom Trucks to Earthquake-Stricken Area

April 15, 2010

NYK has provided free ocean transport for three boom trucks that Tadano Ltd. has donated to the Chilean government in support of the reconstruction program targeting to contribute to the recovery of the earthquake-stricken areas in Chile.

The three boom trucks were loaded on Pluto Leader in Galveston, Texas, on April 13 and are expected to arrive in San Antonio, Valparaiso, in the middle of May. The vehicles will then be transported to the three worst-affected regions in southern Chile. 
The NYK Group has worked with nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to ship relief supplies free of charge to areas greatly affected by previous natural disasters, including the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in central Java, Indonesia, and the company will continue to use its logistics and transport services, facilities, and networks across oceans, land, and air to demonstrate the group's commitment to social contribution activities.

The NYK Group continues to take an active role in activities that support victims of natural disasters and benefit society in the company’s effort to remain a benevolent, sustainable, and socially responsible corporate citizen.
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