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NYK Group Opens First Representative Office in Kazakhstan

March 12, 2010

NYK Logistics Rus, an NYK Group company in Russia, has opened a representative office in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. This is the first office to be established in Kazakhstan by the NYK Group.

In October 2009, the NYK Group company NYK Holding Europe took a 25 percent stake in Tranco Terminal, an Almaty-based car-terminal operating company, and began to participate in business operations in the country. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the NYK Group decided to establish a representative office of NYK Logistics Rus in Kazakhstan with the aim of proactively developing logistics business in the country for automotive as well as other industries.
Kazakhstan is blessed with energy resources, such as petroleum oil and natural gas, and had a high average annual growth rate of around 10 percent from 2000 to 2007, until the start of the global financial crisis. As economies begin to rebound from the economic downturn, Kazakhstan is expected to grow as a logistics base.
By providing car terminal services to local customers, the office expects to be able to eventually expand Tranco Terminal’s business. Additionally, the NYK Group will strive to develop new business in the local market by considering car transport services from ports in China and Europe to Kazakhstan, taking advantage of trans Siberian railway service both ways East and West, and the provision of general logistics services for wide number of industries, including consumer electronics, retail and FMCG.
Location of NYK Logistics Rus Kazakhstan Representative Office
38 (ground floor), Tulebaeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Outline of Tranco Terminal
Establishment: July 2008 (actual operations began in January 2009.)
Capital: KZT 257,860,000 (approximately 150 million yen)
Shareholder composition: JSC Tranco (a leading logistics company in Kazakhstan): 75%; NYK Group: 25%
Outline of Car Terminal in Almaty
Total area: approximately 76,000 square meters
Storage capacity: approximately 2,700 vehicles
About NYK Logistics Rus
Established in 2004 in Moscow, NYK Logistics Rus now has 6 offices in Russia with 86 staff. Main activities include contract logistics, international freight forwarding, warehousing in Moscow and St.Petersburg as well as domestic distribution to all main consumer markets in Russia.
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