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NYK Group Acquires Stake in Tata Steel Logistics Company

March 5, 2010

NYK Holding (Europe) B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK, has acquired a 26 percent stake in TM International Logistics Limited (TMILL; head office: Kolkata, India; president: Dibyendu Bose), which offers steel-related logistics and harbor operation services and is a subsidiary of the largest steelmaker in India, Tata Steel Limited.*

TMILL was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between Tata Steel Limited (51 percent of shares) and IQ Martrade Holding and Management GmbH (49% of shares), a German company that offers integrated logistics services to steel and related industries. TMILL handles arrangements for the transport of raw materials used to make steel and other products, and also manages related harbor operations for Tata Steel.

NYK has been working to strengthen its business activities in India, and established the joint venture Tata NYK Shipping Pty. Ltd. with Tata Steel in 2007 in response to the growing transport of raw materials to and from India. This stock acquisition will allow the NYK Group to use its extensive know-how to contribute more to the supply chain of Tata Steel.

After the NYK Group’s acquisition, TMILL’s financials will appear as follows:

Investment ratio: Tata Steel Limited 51%; NYK Holding (Europe) B.V. 26%; IQ Martrade Holding and Management GmbH 23%
Capital: 2,140 million rupees (about 4.1 billion yen)
FY2008 revenue: 6,452 million rupees (about 12.5 billion yen)
FY2008 recurring profit: (about 0.95 billion yen)
Head office: Kolkata, India

*Tata Steel Limited is one of the main companies in the Tata Group, and the largest private steel producer in India since 1970.

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