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NYK Starts Shipboard Test on Device for Removing Soot/Smoke from Exhaust Gas of Marine Engines

March 24, 2004

Soot/smoke removing device (in test operation at the manufacture's factory)

NYK has been developed a device using ceramic filters for soot/smoke from exhaust gas of marine diesel engines, jointly with Daiwakogyo Co., Ltd. in Amagasaki City, Japan, to protect the marine environment (patent applied for). Then NYK has started a shipboard performance test on the device from end of last February. This test is carried out to pass exhaust gas of generator diesel-engines through the device on board a NYK-operated pure car and truck carrier. Shipping companies in the world have not yet tested such equipment onboard to date.

This device can drastically reduce particulate matter (PM), contained in exhaust gas, through the dust-collecting effect of such materials as ceramic filters.
Accordingly the performance of the device can effectively realize to prevent from marine air pollution and also to prevent from getting the body of new cars dirty in car loading terminal at each port. Car constructors and shipping companies have been suffering from soot caused of vessels. The onshore test of this device using a generator diesel engine with diesel oil resulted in lowering PM by 57 percent.

After confirming the performance of the new device in the shipboard test, NYK intends to improve it further for practical and large-scale use as a device suitable for diesel engines with marine heavy fuel oil as well.

NYK has been making every possible effort to protect the environment from exhaust gas emission from NYK-operated vessels as instanced by its decision to start the adoption of electronically controlled diesel engines, which are effective in reducing NOx and PM emission; and the introduction of fuel additives that helps to improve combustion in engines. The development of the new device for removal of soot/smoke was started last year as part of such effort.

Henceforth, NYK will continue to actively go all out for the protection of the global environment.

[ Summary for the Soot/smoke removing device ]
Treatment capacity
800kW class diesel engines
Object of applying : Exhaust gas of marine heavy fuel oil burning
Type of filter material : Ceramic filters, and another kind of material
Method of collecting soot
: Automatic back-wash system
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