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NYK Introduces New Luxury Ship to the Japanese Market - Crystal Harmony Replaces suka to Meet Growing Luxury Cruise Demand

March 31, 2005

 Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) will replace its cruise ship Asuka with the luxury cruise ship Crystal Harmony from spring 2006. The Crystal Harmony will be renamed Asuka II (flag of registry: Japanese).

 Asuka (Gross tonnage 28,856 tons, flag of registry: Japanese) is currently in operation under management of Yusen Cruises Co. Ltd., a 100 percent subsidiary company of NYK. Crystal Harmony (Gross tonnage 48,621 tons, flag of registry: Panamanian) is currently operated and managed by Crystal Cruises Inc., a NYK affiliate in the United States.

 The decision to replace the Asuka took into account a desire to increase guest capacity in response to an over-demand for places on the Asuka, particularly during summer. In the summer season, the Asuka, which has a capacity of 592 guests, is often fully occupied, meaning many potential customers miss out on the cruises they desire. Replacing the ship with the Crystal Harmony will increase guest capacity to 720.

 The new cruise ship will also improve customer service. Crystal Harmony will be remodeled to meet the needs of the Japanese market. In particular, a new public space will be added in the form of an observation bathroom, similar to the highly regarded bathroom in the original Asuka. When remodeled and introduced from spring 2006, the Asuka II will be a luxury cruise ship meeting Japanese specifications and the highest international standards.

 The ship, which was originally constructed in Japan and has an elegant body, will provide an environment in which customers will experience the Japanese hospitality and service that has become synonymous with the Asuka.

 NYK Group is a global maritime service provider with strong presence in the logistics sector. NYK Group currently employs 33,000 staff and operates 660 ships in the container, car transport, LNG, tanker, dry cargo, specialized cargo and cruise industry worldwide.

 NYK Group carries out its cruising business operations in Japan, North America and Australia and is placed near the top of the rankings worldwide for its cruise ship fleet, providing passengers with unparalleled satisfaction.

Asuka II