Employee Engagement:Volunteer to Buy and Collections

Support for Swan Bakery

Swan Co. Ltd. was primarily established by the Yamato Welfare Foundation and Yamato Transport Co. Ltd. for the purpose of fostering a society in which all people, including the disabled, can live and work in harmony. Swan opened its first shop in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1998, and the company has established bakeries and franchises nationwide.

In 2005, NYK began buying boxed lunches from Swan Bakery for lunchtime meetings and then in 2006, started to organize semi-monthly visits by Swan teams to NYK's Tokyo head office, giving NYK employees easy access to Swan's baked goods. Since March 2007, the regular visits have extended to other NYK Group offices.

Table For Two International (TFT) Lunch Menu

In April 2009, we started to support the NPO Table For Two International (TFT) which seeks to equalize the serious food imbalance around the world. Our cafeteria provides a healthy menu for TFT once a week. For each purchased TFT lunch menu, 20 yen is donated to TFT for one school meal for children in developing countries.

Vending Machine with Donation

Vending machines with donation were placed outside the NYK cafeteria.

  • In November 2009, a Pink Ribbon vending machine was placed. For each drink purchased from this machine, 4 yen is donated by NYK and Japan Beverage Inc. to the NPO Japan Society of Breast Health, which aids in the early detection of breast cancer.
  • In December 2010, a TFT vending machine was placed. For each drink purchased, 2% of the sale is donated by NYK and Kirin Beverage Company Ltd. to the NPO Table For Two International (TFT).
  • In September 2015, a vending machine for Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research was placed. For supporting the foundation, NYK donates 2,500 yen every month.

OCC Sales

NYK hold the sales for fair trade products, handmade cakes made at disability supporting centers, and products of the tsunami-affected Tohoku area. Each group sells characteristic products and they also introduces themselves at the sales.


Since 2009, we have been collecting used/unused stamps, postcards, coins, books, CDs, videos for various NPOs. These NPOs then convert used/unused items into cash for use in their contribution activities.
We not only plan events but also create a structure through which employees can contribute to good causes by simple everyday actions.