Disaster Relief:NYK Group - JPF Joint Aid Supplies Transportation Projects

NYK Group - JPF Joint Aid Supplies Transportation Projects

NYK has launched the NYK Group-JPF Joint Aid Supplies Transportation Project in cooperation with Japan Platform (JPF), an international humanitarian assistance organization. The project promotes activities that provide support to victims of large natural disasters. The launch of the project was first inspired when the NYK Group and JPF jointly provided emergency relief to victims of the immense earthquake that occurred off the northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia, and the tremendous damage in Southeast and South Asia that resulted from the subsequent tsunami on December 26, 2004.

In this project, first, the nongovernmental organizations (NGO) who participate in the JPF program and JPF members conduct intensive preliminary assessments to determine what aid supplies are required by victims. Based on the assessment, NYK transports emergency aid commodities free of charge on its containerships to a port nearby the disaster site. Next, JPF/NGO members deliver emergency supplies to those in need.

Rice allowances for those in need after the earthquake in Pakistan
Free transportation to the victims of Myanmar cyclone.


Date Disaster Container Unit Transported Relief Goods
November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines 14 960 tents (10 TEUs) and 155,000 litters of drinking water (9 TEUs)
June 2012 Support for Africa - 6 patrol wagon, used by the NPOs in the affected area of the Great East Japan Earthquake were donated to JPF affiliate NPOs, active in Africa
March 2011 Japan Earthquake - For further details, please click "The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts"
July 2010 Pakistan Flood - 1 forklift
February 2010 Chile Earthquake 7 Blankets, sportswear, tissue, wheel loader
January 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2 10,000 pairs of beach sandals
August 2009 Pakistan Refugee Assistance 1 Soap 3,387 pieces
August 2008 India: Intense Flooding 1 Food(biscuit) 46,340 meal
May 2008 Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis 1 Food(rice), clothes
1 Sportswear 13,845 pieces
May 2006 Indonesia: Earthquake in Central Java 4 Blankets, food, wheelchairs
October 2005 Pakistan: Earthquake 62 Blankets, towel, winter clothes, electrical generator, wheelchair, stationary
December 2004 Off-Sumatra Earthquake and Subsequent Indian Ocean Tsunami 4 Water, soap, towel, medication, clothes, food, school supplies
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