The Goals of ESG Management

In the medium-term management plan, "Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green," announced in March 2018, the NYK Group clearly stated its intention to integrate ESG principles with management strategies. The Group provides a public service and must become a Sustainable Solution Provider that remains essential to society and industry. To begin with, each Group employee must use existing yardsticks for measuring economic efficiency and business scale together with ESG yardsticks. If rigorous analysis based on ESG yardsticks reveals seeds that will help us remain essential to society, we will focus management resources-namely, talent, assets, investments, and data-on them over the long term. These efforts will enhance corporate value and strengthening the Group's business foundation.

Framework for Promoting ESG Management

In April 2020, we established a framework for promoting ESG management, headed by the president. The purpose of the framework is to identify the ESG issues related to our business that the Group will address, set specific targets, and promote further engagement. We have established ESG management division in January 2021. And we have established a new ESG Management Committee head by the president in April 2021. The Committee includes Executive Officers representing each headquarter and external experts and which reflects the opinions of external stakeholders. While confirming the overall direction of the Group's ESG management, the new committee will check and evaluate the progress of action plans formulated by each headquarter, and reporting to the Management Meeting and the Board of Directors.

ESG Management Chart (As of April 1, 2021)

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The Penetration System of ESG Management

We have established the ESG Managing Group at NYK's headquarters and appointed person in charge ESG members in each group at the headquarters, 53 main group companies in Japan, and 4 locations ( the Americas, Europe, East Asia, and South Asia) of international group companies, to promote ESG Management.

The ESG Management Group will play a central role in instilling ESG thinking in domestic and international group companies and promoting ESG management, as well as disseminating information on integrated reports and websites, responding to ESG ratings, and coordinating various activities within the Group. We are working to spread understanding through the implementation of training.

We will address requests from various stakeholders and promote internal reforms in order to continue to be a corporate group needed by society.

ESG Management Chart (As of April 1, 2021)