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Technology and Innovation

Pioneering technology through digital innovation

The NYK Group promotes digital innovation to realize safe, economical, and environmentally friendly shipping operations, and works in partnership with internal and external partners to contribute to the development of the maritime industry.

Actively utilizing IoT and big data

Optimising vessel operations, implementing energy-saving vessel operations that reduce CO2 emissions, and conducting advanced research on the prediction and prevention of vessel equipment failure. [Details]

Applying IoT to improve Business Processes

Striving to improve transportation quality by reducing the workload of seafarers on onboard and creating new business opportunities. [Details]

Special Discussion on Today's Technical Challenges Associated with IoT(Excerpt version)

The University of Tokyo professor Masaru Kitsuregawa, who serves as director general of the National Institute of Informatics, a leader in the field of ICT research and development, was invited to discuss the NYK Group's most recent initiatives and future outlook. [Details]

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