Labor Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health

Maintaining the health of the crew is essential to the safe operation of ships. Crew members undergo checkups prior to boarding and also receive regular health checks on board. In addition, captains lead onboard safety and sanitary committees that include feedback about NAV9000, among other items to improve safety awareness and prevent injuries and accidents. NYK collects and analyzes accident and sickness data to better understand where and why incidents have occurred, verify the effectiveness of its activities, and design further improvements.

Reported crew member injuries and illnesses


The number of reported accidents and injuries in Fiscal Year 2012 because of more rigorous reporting requirements.

Communication with Crew Members and Families

Meetings are held around the world to foster communications with crew members and their families onshore. Among the topics discussed were the sharing of information on crew members, educational issues for families, individual consultations, and cooperation with family associations.


Meeting on Mindanao


I understood how tough it is to work on a ship

My husband is an engineer, which means he is away from home for long periods of time. I worry about him, so I decided to take advantage of the family onboard program by boarding the LNG carrier Doha with my husband and spending the next month with him while the ship sailed between Japan and Qatar. Even during off hours and at night, my husband would often be running to the engine room if there were problems with the machinery. I saw his work and sweat firsthand and understood just how tough it can be to be on the ship. It was a long trip, and there are many worries, but everyone on board was friendly and I had many valuable experiences: watching dolphins in the wild, viewing skies full of stars, and seeing the sun set below the horizon. It has given me greater respect for my husband's job, and I think it helped us both learn how to cooperate better.


First engineer
Tatsuya Tsuda (Right)
Yuka (Left)

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