Training and Education System

Developing Training Programmes for Seafares

The key to achieving even higher levels of safety in vessel operations and improving environmental preservation is not hardware or systems but the people, or in other words the seafarers, who operate them. The NYK Group’s NYK Maritime College training programme for seafarers enables them to acquire a wide range of skills and advanced expertise while onshore or on board vessels. This programme gives seafarers the knowledge and skills they need for our operating vessels.We call these the NYK Unified Requirements. For new personnel,the Group uses six cadet vessels*1 to provide on-the-job training. In addition, we have introduced to each of our operating vessels an in-house developed e-learning system, NYKSTARS*2, which allows seafarers to enhance their skills while on board vessels. Meanwhile, onshore we use unified teaching materials and curricula at training centres and manning offices*3 in regions worldwide.

*1 Cadet vessels
These are vessels equipped with facilities for onboard training of cadets—officer candidates—who have completed courses at institutions for training seafarers worldwide.
NYK-Shipboard Training and Assessment Record System
The system has a wide variety of programmes, such as Cadet STARS for cadets; STARS designed for specific types of vessels, such as PCC STARS for car carriers; and marine engineering STARS related to diesel engines, steam turbines, and other equipment.
*3 Manning offices
These are ship-management company branch offices and crew referral agencies.

Conceptual Diagram of the Unique NYK Maritime College Education System


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