Global Recruiting

Recruiting and Training Non-Japanese Seafarers

NYK hires graduates of maritime academies throughout the world as cadets*1 and uses five cadet training ships to train them. These programs help us to achieve greater safety and efficiency in operations and enable cadets to develop the skills they will need as future senior officer candidates.

*1 Cadet
Officer candidate. A trainee who is on ship to master the skills required for certification as an officer or engineer.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Our Manning Company in the Philippines

On December 18, 2014, we held a ceremony in Manila to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Group company NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc., and the completion of a complete renovation of its head office. In 1989, the NYK Group and Transnational Diversified Group jointly established NYK-Fil Ship Management to train and develop Filipino seafarers for the NYK Group and manage their deployment to its operating vessels.

Currently, the company has deployed Filipino seafarers to work on more than 200 of the NYK Group’s operating vessels. The aim is for NYK-Fil Ship Management to produce high-quality Filipino seafarers by working in close collaboration with the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy, established in 2007, and the seafarer training facility, built next to the academy. In recent years, we have been actively promoting Filipino personnel to senior positions on board such high-risk vessels as very large crude-oil carriers (VLCCs) and LNG carriers.

*1 NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.
Headquartered in the Philippines
*2 Transnational Diversified Group
A corporate group headquartered in the Philippines that provides shipping agency, seafarer deployment, maritime education, logistics, and other services. The group and the NYK Group have worked in partnership since the group’s establishment in 1976.
*3 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy
The NYK Group and Transnational Diversified Group established this maritime academy, which offers four-year courses, in Calamba City in the suburbs of Manila in the Philippines.

NYK's Merchant Marine College in the Philippines

In June 2007, NYK and its business partner in the Philippines established and opened the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy in Canlubang, on the outskirts of Manila.

The Philippines is one of the leading sources of seafarers for NYK, and we have long-standing programs in the country to recruit officer candidates and maintain and improve their quality. By offering university-level education, we are able to place greater priority on the development of management skills while also allowing students to master the practical knowledge and technologies that they will require on the job. All these graduates have become NYK Group personnel.

NYK looks to the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy as a key component in seafarer training and has high hopes for it both for the role that it will play in achieving safe ship operation and also for the effect that it will have on maintaining and improving the quality of Filipino seafarers.


NYK-TDG Maritime Academy


The scene of a graduation ceremony

Profile of NYK-TDG Maritime Academy

Opened on June 3, 2007
Scale Student: Navigation course 90/Engineering course 90/Total per year 180
(Until 2012, the number of students ware 120 per academic year, Marine navigation (60), Marine Engineering (60))
Staff members: Approx. 50 (including part-time)
Location Canlubang (just over one hour by car from downtown Manila)
Campus area 9 hectares
Local partner Transnational Diversified Group
System Three years classroom instruction followed by one year practical onboard training (total four years)
Philosophy To provide advanced education for seafarers that develops their unique personalities and practical maritime skills and brings them to world-class levels

Japanese Seafarers Training Course

As an integrated logistics company that offers global ocean, land, and air services, it is more crucial than ever that we recruit and train the wide range of personnel required by our operations. To that end, in Fisical Year 2006 we became the first shipping company in Japan to hire graduates from ordinary four-year universities etc. as offshore staff.

Over the course of between 2 to 2 1/2 years after joining the company, these employees receive education and onboard training that enables them to obtain licenses, after which they are provided with onboard experience as navigators and engineers, eventually working towards the rank of captain and chief navigator.

A total of 60 new employees were hired for the course, 35 of who earned their licenses through education and onboard training. We plan to continue hiring for these positions in the future.

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