Employee-friendly Workplaces

Reforming Mindsets, Increasing Opportunities, and Developing Employee Capabilities

In April 2014, NYK launched an initiative for the advancement of women's careers, Project W. Through this project, we aim to create an employee-friendly and flexible organisation that can adapt to challenging situations in which all employees with their own capabilities work as an effective team, regardless of gender. In fiscal 2015, the project's second year, we focused on the influential role that managers play in personnel development and established opportunities to review how managers' think, communicate, and behave.

For example, managers tend to suggest reducing the workloads of employees who are combining child rearing with work, which can lower an employee's motivation unintentionally. Through seminars, we heighten awareness of managers in relation to such issues and show how they can address them through changes in ways of thinking and acting.

Also, as part of initiatives to enable diverse personnel to play important roles, we aim to achieve greater female participation by the end of fiscal 2020, with an aggregate of 80 female employees having significant work experience at NYK offices overseas. To develop personnel who are able to work globally, we will continue expanding and improving initiatives that help personnel to work overseas with peace of mind regardless of gender.

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease to Increase Corporate Value

We believe that promoting employee health and preventing disease enhances productivity and profitability and, as a result, heightens corporate value. Therefore, in April 2015, the Human Resources Group and the NYK Health Insurance Society collaboratively launched a project that contributes to business management through health promotion. Under this project, we are compiling health checkup results in a database, which we will use to facilitate disease prevention. Also, we plan to hold events to heighten employees' awareness of disease prevention and health.

We will support the promotion of health because it underpins the ability of all employees to perform their roles vigorously.

Main measures
  • Providing guidance from in-house doctors to those that have high risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases
  • Inviting trainers of leading athletes to conduct coaching events
  • Ensuring 100% of employees have regular health checkups
  • Providing cancer-related health checkups

Reforming Work Styles to Raise Labour Productivity


As part of efforts to reduce overtime work, we are implementing an arrive-early-leave-early scheme after completing a six-month trial period for the scheme, which began in July 2015. The primary aims of this initiative are to ensure employees work healthily, establish workplaces with flexible working hours, increase productivity and competitiveness by raising operational efficiency, and end the custom of long working hours. We want to create a corporate culture that can produce results within limited time frames and develop workplaces in which any employee can actively play a role.

Further, agreeing with and contributing to the initiative, labour unions have collaborated with the Human Resources Group to establish a website on our intranet. At any time, employees can access this website, which features work practices themed content. For example, it offers ideas on working efficiently and includes our Work-Life Balance Newsletter, which features interviews with senior management about using time efficiently.

With a view to enabling employees to realise Creative Solutions that reform their work style, we will raise the awareness of all managements and employees about work practices and consider how to advance the initiative even further.

Main measures
  • Providing free breakfasts
  • Prohibiting managers from speaking to subordinates before 8:45am
  • Opening buildings and turning on air conditioning earlier
  • Collecting quantitative data about and analysing hours of overtime and workplace arrival and departure times
  • Holding seminars

Respect for Human Rights

Based on the NYK Business Credo, the NYK Group provides equal opportunities to all employees and creates workplaces without discrimination or harassment. Also, the Group is raising employees’ awareness of human rights by implementing the NYK Group’s HR Standards at all Group companies, conducting training for new employees and new team leaders and employees transferred overseas, and administering CSR training that covers the topic of human rights. Further, to give employees access to consultations whenever needed, we have established such systems as a harassment helpdesk within the Human Resources Group and the Yusen Chat Room, through which the opinions of outside experts can be obtained.

Advancement of Women's Careers

In fiscal 2013, the Human Resources Group established the Staff Development and Employment Initiating Chamber, which is taking a range of measures to enable female employees, disabled employees, and reemployed retirees to contribute even more.

We have been focusing particular efforts on advancing women’s careers. In 2001, we abolished the categorisation of positions as either career-track or general duty and unified our personnel system. Since then, we have been creating systems and conditions that enable employees to pursue careers irrespective of gender.

In 2002, the NYK Group established downtown Tokyo’s first in-house childcare service, Yusen Childcare. This service allows parents to work or return to work in accordance with their career plans, without worrying about finding a nursery for their children. Also, we have a range of other systems that enable employees to balance work and family commitments while fully realising their capabilities. These systems include a child rearing and nursing care leave system that surpasses legal requirements, a flexitime system, and a short-time work system.

In fiscal 2007, female managers accounted for more than 10% of managers for the first time, and this percentage has been rising steadily ever since. Within the head office organisation, women accounted for 30, or 16.1%, of the members of management and employees* in management positions as of of March 31, 2016.
Furthermore, we have two female executives.

* NYK employees (non-consolidated)

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

The NYK Group is creating systems that enable individual employees to realise their potential fully while achieving a balance between their work and private lives. The Work-Life Balance Promotion Committee leads initiatives that include monitoring overtime hours and paid holidays on a Companywide and department basis, interviewing employees and supervisors of departments that have a considerable amount of overtime, broadcasting announcements encouraging employees to return home on time, and disseminating information aimed at changing attitudes.

*1 Work-Life Balance Promotion Committee
This special committee was organised in 1968 by labour and management to find ways to reduce overtime hours. In 2001, the committee changed its name to the Office-Hours Management Committee and strengthened its initiatives to promote better work-life balance. Further, in April 2008, it was reorganised as the Work-Life Balance Promotion Committee, comprising general employees; managers; and general managers, who act as third-party committee members.

Work-Life Balance Programmes (excerpt)

Parental leave
Available until the child reaches 26 months of age.
Family care leave
Up to a total of one year. Can be divided in two if within two years of the leave commencement date.
Parental and family care flexitime and shortened work hours
  1. Flexitime system — Offered to employees who are pregnant, caring for children up to the sixth grade, or providing nursing care to family members;
  2. Shortened working hours (up to two hours per day) — Available to employees caring for children up to the first grade or providing nursing care to family members.
Spouse transfer leave
Up to three years. Available if a spouse is reassigned overseas. (For domestic transfers, limited to three years from 2013)
Yusen Childcare (in-house childcare service)
Began in April 2002. Staffing above statutory requirements.

Next-generation Support Programs

NYK acquired a “Kurumin” certification mark as a qualified private sector employer from the Tokyo Labor Bureau since 2011. We are now working on a “Fourth Action Plan” under the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation*2 enacted in April 2015, will enhance our support for employees of improvement of work-life balance.


“Kurumin” mark certifies measures to support the development of the next generation

*2 Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation
With the aim of fostering healthy growth of children who forge the next-generation society and , to this end, creating childrearing-friendly environment in workplace and communities, necessary measures will be taken, including extending the valid period of the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation Children, adopting special measures concerning obligations to formulate and notify action plans of general business operators, expanding support for single-mother and single-father families, and revising adjusted benefit payments between childrearing allowances and pensions.

Fourth Action Plan

  1. Increase in the ratio of men taking child care leave (Target for 13% or more)
  2. Aim for further improvement of work-life balance by reviewing how to work

Yusen Child Care

In April 2002, NYK became the first company in downtown Tokyo to open its own internal day-care facility, the Yusen Child Care Center. After opening the facility, we continued to ask ourselves how we could facilitate its use by more employees, which resulted in several innovations, including programs to enable users to commute by car and the acceptance of children from employees of other companies.


Yusen Child Care

Reemployment Program

NYK launched the NYK Career Club (NCC) and NYK Friend Club (NFC) in April 2006. The NCC is a program created in response to the amended Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons and provides for reemployment through age 65 of employees who retire at age 60 and meet certain conditions. On the other hand, the NFC is a program that provides for fixedterm reemployment of staff members who have left NYK for personal reasons. The purpose of both programs is to provide ambitious, skilled employees with opportunities to work after they have left the company.

Management of Employee Safety

The NYK Group has established a safety confirmation system that checks the safety of employees and continues, or rapidly restores, operations during earthquakes and other disasters. If an earthquake having a magnitude in the lower-six range (that is, 5.5–5.9) on the JMA scale affects the areas of pre-registered residential addresses or work sites in Japan, the system automatically sends safety confirmation emails. In replying to this email, employees report on their condition and that of their families. The system then automatically compiles and sends a report to each department on their employees' status. In preparation for disasters, the Group will continue periodic drills based on this safety confirmation system.

Mental Health

In 2016, NYK introduced an Internet-based stress check system, which is required by Japan's revised occupational safety and health law. Employees can use this check to realize their own level of stress. And the company can now more easily grasp whether employees feel stress and the burden of it. The company stations psychiatrists at the company clinic, and consultations are possible. These doctors conduct employee mental health training sessions as well.

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