Human Capital Development

The NYK Group's Value and Strengths Sustaining Our DNA while Advancing Personnel Strategies

For more than 130 years, the NYK Group has taken on ambitious initiatives to create new businesses. We are committed to continuing this tradition and achieving further growth through evolution as a comprehensive global-logistics enterprise. Personnel strategies based on society's current needs and our competition strategies will help these efforts, thereby ensuring that our services satisfy even more customers.

Exploiting DNA Developed over 130 Years


The NYK Group has pursued new advantages by taking on ambitious initiatives and realising Creative Solutions throughout its history of more than 130 years. Our corporate culture—the product of this dynamic legacy—helps to pass on our positive corporate DNA to the next generation of employees. Another important way in which we pass on corporate DNA is through job rotation, which enables employees to experience a variety of workplaces and broadens their network of colleagues. We establish advantages by approaching issues from the viewpoints of society or customers, formulating ideas ahead of competitors, and following through on initiatives with unflagging determination. Today, the corporate DNA we have inherited is driving an array of initiatives themed on leveraging Creative Solutions. In carrying out their day-to-day duties, all Group employees share and put into practice our corporate DNA, which we clarified by establishing Integrity, Innovation, and Intensity (3I's) as the NYK Group Values in 2007.

Onshore and on board operating vessels, more than 55,000 NYK Group personnel work as a team to operate businesses on a global scale. By extending employees' expertise through involvement in a wide range of duties and heightening capabilities through a broad variety of stimulating training, we aim to produce personnel with the initiative to create advantages in any era.

Discussing Personnel Strategy with a Representative of the Human Resources Group

We ask a representative of the Human Resources Group about the type of personnel we need to foster and the issues and direction of the group's personnel strategy.


Q. What type of personnel do we need for the coming era?

Of course, we need personnel who are able to work effectively anywhere in the world. Looking ahead, however, we also need people who are able to think for themselves and take proactive, far-sighted measures in volatile business conditions. On occasion, our strength as an organisation has been seen as weakening our capabilities on an individual level. In conditions that are difficult to predict, personnel will need to take the initiative to identify issues and progress through a process of trial and error. Our employees must be sensitive to changes in conditions and be prepared to advance initiatives through to completion with strong determination.

Figuratively speaking, the NYK Group is sometimes described as having 'many people who are good at cooking fish, but few who catch fish'. Our logistics businesses only function effectively when our solutions cater to customer needs. It is extremely important the NYK Group identifies issues in customers' operations and devises solutions, in other words 'catches fish'. We want employees to accumulate a wealth of experience and develop their capabilities as individuals to tackle new situations and effect change.

Q. How will the NYK Group enable employees' individuality to shine?

Each individual should acquire the habit of forming and then considering to develop a hypothesis. It is important that they then refine these ideas by discussing them robustly with other personnel without being concerned about rank. The NYK Group has an uninhibited corporate culture, and employees are tightly knit. However, I do not think there are as many chances as there were previously for each person to discuss their ideas candidly.

Given this issue, from fiscal 2015 NYK sets aside time for free discussions on certain topics during rank-based group training for employees in their second, fifth, seventh, 10th, and 14th year with the company. Also, four times a year we have an outside lecturer conduct NYK FUTURE seminars, targeting employees in their seventh, eighth, or ninth year with us. In addition, aiming to foster global perspectives and networks of personal connections, we began sending employees to Switzerland and France for short-term training in fiscal 2015. Meanwhile, the Creative Solutions Group holds Kirari Dojo (Creative Solutions Workshops) for mid-career employees who have been with us between 13 and 20 years. In these ways, we have begun operating a personnel development 'pipeline' that stretches from employees in their first years with NYK through to mid-career employees.

Q. What personnel strategies will the NYK Group pursue to win out in the international arena?

First, we must ensure personnel in Japan (hereinafter called home staff) develop truly global capabilities. The broad-mindedness and flexibility to accept different cultures and ways of thinking is required to work effectively in an international environment. Also, leadership skills to set clear goals and motivate others to work towards them are important. We will foster personnel who are tuned into the latest developments wherever they are in the world and who are able to take decisions and draw on local resources.

Second, we need to develop local personnel overseas. At local overseas Group companies, we are promoting growing numbers of local personnel to high-ranking managerial positions. In some cases, these managers have Japanese personnel working under them. National staff are playing an increasingly important role in boosting our competitiveness.

We intend to foster home staff and national staff tirelessly in the international arena. In these efforts, we will emphasise the NYK Group Values of Integrity, Innovation, and Intensity (3I's) as a common premise while respecting diversity and individuals with the ambition to take on challenges.

Q. What are the tasks the NYK Group faces in HR development efforts going forward?

In recent years, the Group has been focusing efforts on participating in the offshore business and other business areas that lie beyond the boundaries of traditional shipping. As a result, situations arise in which our existing expertise is inadequate. Although we are gradually accumulating new expertise, I feel we need to recruit technology specialists and legal experts. To this end, the Human Resources Group, which is part of the NYK Headquarters organisation, will have to search for and scrutinise personnel not only in Japan but worldwide.

GHR for More Effective Deployment of Human Resources

The GHR* Coordination Team in the Headquarters Human Resources Group and HR managers from seven regions around the world jointly implemented a series of projects based on the four pillars of organization, development plans, development tools, and interaction among staff.

* GHR(Global Human Resources)
HR organizations that take a global view of the worldwide NYK Group

Role of Regional HR Representatives (RHRs)

Along with the establishment of the HR philosophy, RHRs have been appointed in each regional management company. The RHR serves as a liaison between group companies and the Tokyo headquarters, going beyond business units and national boundaries to share information and opinions on human resources development. The RHR also provides proposals and reports to headquarters and contributes to the promotion and dissemination of the HR philosophy. In Europe and Asia, where NYK has a particularly wide range of group companies, the RHR coordinates activities by having regular meetings with HR managers.

HR Data Survey

In 2006, NYK began to conduct a regular survey of NYK Group companies to better understand their attitudes toward working conditions and human resources development. The survey results are shared with participating group companies and are used in groupwide programs to foster awareness of HR issues and seek improvements. The HR data survey comprises a basic data section and questions that focus on priority issues. Content is reviewed every year. The 2007 version includes the human rights and labor standards found in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact. The survey will begin to move online from 2008 to provide for better efficiency and more effective use of the data.

NYK Business College

The NYK Business College is a set of training programmes aimed at improving the overall capabilities of Group employees. The NYK Group enhances these training programmes regularly. In fiscal 2015, more than 2,000 NYK Group employees participated in over 60 types of training programmes. In addition, more than 10,000 Group employees in Japan and overseas participated in e-learning themed on the Group’s CSR and environmental initiatives.

Further, aiming to strengthen the development of employees who will lead the next generation, the NYK Group has established training for specific employee ranks, from junior through midcareer employees. This programme focuses on expanding horizons while fostering leadership and management skills. The Group intends to continue upgrading and expanding its training programmes to foster employees that can contribute to stakeholders through the transport of goods.

The Global NYK/YLK Week

Since 2002, we have conducted annual Group training at our Tokyo head office for managers based worldwide throughout the NYK Group. Furthermore, since fiscal 2012 we have held these training sessions jointly with Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. The goals of the training are to build global networks within the Group, give employees opportunities for direct discussions with the presidents of NYK and Yusen Logistics, and provide training about the Group’s corporate DNA, including the NYK Group Mission Statement and the NYK Group Values. As a global corporate group, the NYK Group will respect employees’ diversity and ambitions and concentrate efforts on personnel training so that employees can work with high aspirations and pride.

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd.

The Global NYK/YLK* Week

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