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Special Content Pioneering and Innovating for 130 years

Extending Business Areas in Step with Society

Even as it has extended business areas and handled new cargos, the NYK Group has maintained an unwavering commitment to contributing to the betterment of societies throughout the world by providing safe and dependable monohakobi (transport). Because we have always had a pioneering spirit, our 130-year history is a list of bold initiatives in new areas. With consideration for the environment, we will continue creating new businesses as we accumulate knowledge and insight, as well as expertise and practical experience.

1885Established Nippon Yusen

Yubin Kisen Mitsubishi Kaisha and Kyodo Unyu Kaisha merge to establish Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK).

1896Tosa Maru
Tosa Maru

In 1893, we begin our first longdistance liner service between Japan and Bombay (Mumbai) and go on to establish services to Europe, North America, and Australia.

1929Asama Maru
Asama Maru

We introduce a luxury passenger liner to the Pacific route and provide lavish hospitality to celebrities from around the world.

1951 - 1957Akagi MaruⅡ
Akagi MaruⅡ

After World War Ⅱ, we reopen routes. In the subsequent eight years, we reopen almost all pre-war routes. The photograph shows crew members onboard Akagi Maru Ⅱ.

1959Crude oil tankers
Crude oil tankers

Tanba Maru

1964Iron ore carriers and woodchip carriers
Iron ore carriers and woodchip carriers

World’s first wood-chip carrier, Kure Maru


Japan’s first fully containership, Hakone Maru Ⅱ

1970Car carriers
Car carriers

The NYK Group’s first pure car carrier, Jintsu Maru

1978Air freighters
Air freighters

Establishment of Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. (NCA)


Celebrates centennial Begins comprehensive global logistics business (ocean, land, air) in earnest

1983LNG carriers
LNG carriers

The NYK Group’s first LNG carrier, Echigo Maru


Becomes first Japanese shipping company to establish railway operating company, Centennial Express Company, in the United States

1986 - 1989Logistics centres
Logistics centres

Establishes logistics centres in Canada, the United States, China, Thailand, Australia, and Japan (Oi, Rokko)


1990 -
Begins CSR activities (environment, safety) in earnest

1990Establishes Global Environment Committee
Early 1990sAutomotive logistics
Automotive logistics

Participates in domestic component procurement for automotive plant in the United Kingdom

1991 - 1994Container terminals
Container terminals

Establishes independently managed container terminal in the United States and establishes terminals in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan (Kobe, Yokohama)

1991Cruise ships
Cruise ships

Achieves round-the-world voyage for largest Japan-registered cruise ship, Asuka, in 1996

2003RORO terminals
RORO terminals

Participates in RORO terminal business in China

2007Maritime Academy in the Philippines
Maritime Academy in the Philippines

Establishes NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA)


Participates in business chartering drillships off Brazil


Expands business domains in which the Company has a proven track record and accumulated expertise and technological capabilities

2010Shuttle tankers
Shuttle tankers

Takes stake in Knutsen Offshore Tankers and becomes first Japanese shipping company to participate in shuttle tanker business

2011FPSO units
FPSO units

Participates in floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) unit business off Brazil

2012 - 2015Extends LNG value chain
  • Participates jointly in Wheatstone LNG Project in Australia
  • Participates jointly in Cameron LNG Project in the United States (scheduled to begin in 2018)

* Data is based on the following respective accounting periods. 50th anniversary = fiscal year ended September 30, 1935 (non-consolidated), centennial anniversary = fiscal year ended March 31, 1986 (consolidated)(the number of employees is non-consolidated), 130th anniversary = fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 (consolidated).

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