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Air Transport — Safety Initiatives in Air Transport

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. Ltd. (NCA) is audited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) using the IOSA standard (i.e., IATA Operation Safety Audit). NCA's IOSA certification was successfully renewed in October 2017.
This audit aims to verify that airline operations comply with international safety standards. The audit covers up to 900 items, especially a wide range of safety management systems as well as details concerning operations and maintenance. Five auditors take up to five days to complete the inspection.
Airline companies must be audited and verified by IATA every two years for certification renewal, with the audit items reviewed every year and reflected in accordance with the latest international standards.
The certification by IOSA proves that the airline company operates safely in compliance with internationally high standards. Every year, NCA confirms that it properly complies with the audit items required by IOSA through an internal audit process in order to maintain a high level of safety.

Mid-term Safety Promotion Goal

NCA established a Mid-term safety promotion goal in the company's 2015-2018 Mid-term Safety Promotion Plan.

Mid-term Safety Promotion Goal

Ensure safety flight operations by allowing each employee to understand and promote our "safety management system," and become recognized by customers as a safe and secure company.

NCA set four priority measures based on this goal.
Mid-term priority measures

  • ・Dissemination and reinforcement of the safety management system
  • ・Improvement in risk management
  • ・Enhancement of communication and collaboration
  • ・Enhancement of safety education and enlightenment

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