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Original safety standards: NAV9000

Safety Is Our Most Important Mission: Ongoing Safety Initiatives

Our mission is to transport customers' cargo on time reliably. Reflecting its belief that safety underpins trust and that trust underpins business, the NYK Group devotes time and effort unstintingly to ensuring the safety of its vessel operations.

NAV9000 at a glance

Since 1998, the Group has been conducting safety promotion activities based on NAV9000. NAV9000 is an original safety standard of NYK. We introduced NAV9000, a rigorous self-imposed safe ship management system, in order to better discharge our responsibilities to achieve safety and protect the environment. The standard covers approximately 1,500 items, including international treaties, international quality standards, measures to prevent accidents from recurring, and requirements from customers. The standards have been applied to all of the approximately 750 vessels in operation. Audits based on these standards are conducted on over 300 vessels and more than 30 shipowners and ship management companies per year.

NAV9000 Concept


NAV9000 Track Record


Dialogue is the essence of NAV9000


NAV9000 audits

NAV9000's audit activities place emphasis on dialogue in order to help seafarers and ship management companies responsible for operations understand the importance of "safety awareness."
A high-quality safety management system has resulted from on-site confirmation by Filipino, Indian, and Japanese auditors of compliance with requirements, and by maintaining stronger partnerships with everyone involved.

The in-house monthly Calm Sea recognizes top-performing vessels every month.

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