Promotion System and Activities

Organizations to Promote CSR Activities

We have established a CSR Division at NYK's headquarters, appointed CSR Task Force members in each group at the headquarters, and appointed CSR officers at group companies in Japan and around the world. The 54 main group companies in Japan have CSR officers. Overseas, we have CSR coordinators at five regional management companies*1 to promote CSR activities that address local concerns and issues.
Consolidating all CSR activities in the NYK Group and implementing CSR training programs, the CSR Division disseminates information both inside and outside the organization through the NYK Report and company website, and by responding to SRI surveys*2.
The CSR Division also addresses requests from stakeholders, continually promoting internal growth to help NYK become a company that regularly meets the expectations of society.

*1 Regional management companies
Europe, North America, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia (including Oceania)
*2 SRI Surveys
Surveys conducted by organizations promoting socially responsible investment

CSR Management Chart (As of October 1, 2017)


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