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The NYK Group's CSR Activities

Striving for the realization of NYK Group Mission Statement

The NYK Group has a global network that builds on its core marine transport to provide an impressive array of monohakobi (transport) services by ocean, land, and air.
The philosophy at the core of the NYK Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that each employee can earn the respect and trust of society.

Message from the President

Achieving sustainable societies through monohakobi with top priority on safety and environment [Details]

The NYK Group's CSR Concept

This is a brief introduction to the CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities of NYK Group. [Details]

Promotion System and Activities

The promotion of CSR encompasses Japan-based and international group companies as well as the Headquarters. [Details]

CSR Guidelines for Partners and Suppliers

We have formulated CSR guidelines for our partners and suppliers, and we work with them so that these guidelines can be easily understood and implemented. [Details]

United Nations (UN) Global Compact

NYK Group has expressed its support and endorsement for the United Nations (UN) Global Compact. [Details]

Evaluation by Society

We have received a number of comments about NYK CSR activities from different actors in society and provide them here for your perusal. [Details]


This is an introduction to the NYK Group's CSR activities in Japan and around the world. [Details]


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