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Internationally, CSR coordinators are assigned to six regional headquarters in Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, East Asia and South Asia and promote CSR activities in the areas of economy, safety, the environment, society, and management that address local concerns and issues.

We collect reports on CSR activities from regions worldwide and share them through the “Global CSR Newsletter” once a year. We introduce the activities in Fiscal Year 2016 as follows.

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Oceania
  • East Asia
  • South Asia

Silver in Safety for SMUK

[Safety] NYK LNG Shipmanagement (UK) Ltd.

For the first time in its history, NYK LNG SMUK has won a RoSPA silver achievement award for health and safety. Following SMUK's application in early February, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recently announced its decision to award SMUK with a silver achievement award for excellence in occupational health and safety.

RoSPA is a non-profit organisation that aims to save lives and prevent injuries through the reduction of preventable accidents. The society is well known for introducing a cycling proficiency test within the UK. Their internationally recognised awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate safety excellence across all industries and are highly sought after to prove commitment to safety standards.

The achievement award specifically focuses on an organisation's occupational health and safety performance, judging it against set criteria. The application requires entrants to answer 10 key performance questions relating to health and safety policies, risk assessment and near miss monitoring. Awards are distributed to RoSPA members that apply annually and are graded as “merit,” “bronze,” “silver” or “gold.” SMUK achieved a silver award.

The award ceremony was held at London's ExCeL Centre in June. Needless to say, SMUK will be aiming for a gold award next year.


Photo right side; NYK Energy Transport (Atlantic) Limited. director, Paul Makrkides


NYK Bulkship Atlantic - Environmental Day 2016

[Environment] NYK Bulkship Atlantic NV

On the 12 March 2016, the Port Authority of Antwerp and Natuurpunt organized the fifth edition of the Galgeschoor clean-up, and NYK Bulkship Atlantic joined in. The Galgeschoor is an impressive intertidal area by the Scheldt that is of great importance to numerous bird species. Despite all efforts, there is still waste that floats on the river Scheldt and gets entangled in the nature reserve.

At 9.30 am, 130 volunteers started the clean-up.


If you know that birds don't understand the difference between food and waste and that it takes 450 years for a soft drink bottle to completely break down, you will realize that this clean-up is no mere luxury. To sacrifice one half day for the well-being of our environment gives you a warm feeling, and you also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Galgeschoor, which is normally closed to the public. We gathered 5.5 tons of litter, which is half a ton more than the last clean-up two years ago.

The Last Journey and New Beginning of NYKU 333 637-0

[Society] NYK Line (Deutschland) GmbH

NYK Line (Deutschland) GmbH received a request this summer from Kinderland Moorburg e.V. about the possibility of donating a 20' dry container unit for a playground project, i.e., to reconstruct a “laden” containership for local children to play inside.

Kinderland Moorburg e.V., a 100% privately organized kindergarten for kids between 1 to 7 years old, is located in a rural community very close to the Hamburg container-terminal CTA. This request was immediately supported by the NYK Deutschland management team. As Klaus-Peter Barth, MD of NYK Deutschland, emphasized, “it is in the DNA of NYK Line to support children living in socially weaker neighbourhoods.”


After the official green light by London RHQ was received, a suitable, structurally sound unit was selected from the stack at NYK's off-dock Universal Container Depot (UCS) and then donated. UCS also kindly offered to support this charity project by cleaning, painting, and arranging the transport to the kindergarten free of charge.

So on Friday, 28 October, the last journey of NYKU 333 637-0 began as it made its way to its new home at Kinderland Moorburg e.V. This was a new beginning for an NYK container that will now be transporting fun and the many adventures of the local children on their very own container located in their newly reconstructed playground.

Furthermore, after the completion of the playground, expected in spring 2017, an official container hand-over by NYK Deutschland management, with all the kids attending, has been planned.

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