The NYK Group’s Value and Strengths Driving 130 Years of Pioneering and Innovation Making Personnel Diversity a Competitive Strength

Across many different regions, more than 50,000 employees work as a team to advance the NYK Group’s businesses on a global scale. This section focuses on some of our initiatives in a broad range of areas to realise employees’ capabilities fully and foster a new generation of leaders.

Supporting Growth through Job Rotation

Through job rotation, we aim to nurture personnel whose combined knowledge, experience, specialisation, and advanced professional skills enable us to work with customers to solve problems.

Composition of the NYK Group’s Human Capital NYK Group personnel (55,661)


Heightening the Group’s competitiveness while catering to the diverse needs of society and customers as a comprehensive global-logistics enterprise requires more than specialist knowledge of shipping. It calls for a wide-ranging human network and extensive capabilities and experience in advancing businesses through the utilisation of such management resources as human capital, infrastructure, funds, and information.
With this in mind, we use a job rotation system transcending divisional and national boundaries. Experiencing new operations gives employees a deeper understanding of a broad range of business areas, affords them a wider view of the Group’s business, and increases their specialisation. Because all employees* participate in job rotation, approximately one in five of our employees is working overseas at any given time. Thus, employees work with colleagues of various nationalities (notional staffs) at workplaces worldwide. Meanwhile, while sharing the value of the NYK Group worldwide, each member of national staff plays an active role everyday as the driving force for the NYK Group’s growth.
In an era when the value companies create soon becomes obsolete, our ability to provide new solutions helps us prevail against competitors. Through job rotation, we aim to nurture personnel whose combined knowledge, experience, specialisation, and advanced professional skills enable us to work with customers to solve problems.

* NYK employees (non-consolidated)

Establishing New Competitive Strengths through Technical Personnel

The role of technical personnel is becoming more extensive in terms of their duties as well as the business and geographical areas in which they work. Consequently, demand for proactive technical personnel who can contribute in any business division or region is increasing.
For example, the offshore business, which we began in earnest in 2012, requires extremely advanced transport quality and a range of technical capabilities that go beyond the limits of shipping’s traditional business formats and systems. For the FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) unit projects of Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS (KNOT)*, we have dispatched technical personnel to participate in plant EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction).


To foster personnel with advanced professional skills, soon after new employees join us, we use job rotation to ensure they experience different workplaces, such as construction sites and vessel maintenance sites, and a variety of divisions, including sales divisions and ship-management companies. By having personnel rigorously acquire basic professional skills needed for shipping, we aim to develop personnel who are able to make multifaceted contributions as project managers and, in future, as ‘creators’.

* The NYK Group participates in the business management of this company. The NYK Group took a 50% stake in Knutsen Offshore Tankers ASA in December 2010 and changed the company’s name to Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS.

Advancing Women’s Careers

In fiscal 2013, the Human Resources Group established the Staff Development and Employment Initiating Chamber, which is taking a range of measures to enable female employees, disabled employees, and reemployed retirees to contribute even more.
We have been focusing particular efforts on advancing women’s careers. In 2001, we abolished the categorisation of positions as either career-track or general duty and unified our personnel system. Since then, we have been creating systems and conditions that enable employees to pursue careers irrespective of gender.
In 2002, the NYK Group established downtown Tokyo’s first in-house childcare service, Yusen Childcare. This service allows parents to work or return to work in accordance with their career plans, without worrying about finding a nursery for their children. Also, we have a range of other systems that enable employees to balance work and family commitments while fully realising their capabilities. These systems include a child rearing and nursing care leave system that surpasses legal requirements, a flexitime system, and a short-time work system.


In fiscal 2007, female managers accounted for more than 10% of managers for the first time, and this percentage has been rising steadily ever since. Within the head office organisation, women accounted for 29, or 15%, of the members of management and employees* in management positions as of April 30, 2015. Furthermore, we have two female executives.
In April 2014, we launched an initiative for the advancement of women’s careers, Project W. Through this project, we aim to create an employee-friendly and flexible organisation that can adapt to challenging situations and in which all employees work as an effective team, regardless of gender. We are implementing various initiatives, including the expansion and improvement of career advice, establishment of helpdesks, and the facilitation of career development irrespective of whether an employee is in Japan or overseas. As part of these efforts, we concluded a contract with an education company in Singapore securing us a number of priority places in a nursery school in May 2014. Based on this arrangement, for the first time we were able to send a female employee with her child to Singapore.

* NYK employees (non-consolidated)

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