Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

The NYK Group believes that the keys to the fair assessment of its corporate value are timely, and appropriate disclosures to shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders and mutual communication with them. In fiscal 2015, at the same time as establishing the Corporate Governance Guidelines, we stated clearly our Policy for Promoting Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors.
In addition, the senior management team receives regular, timely reports on valuable opinions obtained from shareholders and investors and uses these opinions to improve our business management. For reference, the main cases of dialogue (Q&A) for fiscal 2016 are given below.

Liner Trade

Q.What degree of monetary synergistic effect do you anticipate from integration of the container shipping business?

A.We anticipate that the synergistic effect of the integrated company will be approximately ¥110 billion per year. We believe that if we are able to utilize this synergistic effect fully, we will be able to remain profitable even in a sluggish market such as that of fiscal 2016, when almost all container shipping companies around the world were in the red.

Bulk Shipping

Q.Do you plan to implement further structural reform, such as early termination of contracts for a certain substantial number of chartered vessels in the Dry Bulk Division?

A.Early termination all at once that also entails cashing out in the midst of an extremely sluggish market would result in significant early-termination fees, so we do not believe it to be a good idea.
Our policy is to consider it on a vessel-by-vessel basis, taking into account the market conditions, contract conditions, our relationship with the shipowner, the characteristics of the chartered vessel, and other factors.

Main Activities for Investor Relations

Activity Details
For institutional investors
  • ・Financial results briefings
  • ・Individual interviews
  • ・Individual visits to overseas investors in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, etc.
  • ・Business briefings
For individual investors
  • ・Participation in briefings for individual investors
  • ・NYK plus booklet for shareholders*
Releases on corporate website
  • ・Notices of Ordinary General Meetings of Shareholders
  • ・Annual Securities Reports and Quarterly Securities Reports*
  • ・Integrated reports (NYK Reports)
  • ・Summaries of financial results
  • ・Materials from financial results briefings
  • ・Summaries of questions and answers at financial results briefings
  • ・Videos of financial results briefings
  • ・Timely disclosure of materials
  • ・Feedback on markets' expectations and evaluations of the NYK Group (seminars conducted by securities analysts)

*Published only in Japanese

For Our Shareholders

At the NYK Group, we view ordinary general meetings of shareholders as one of the most important opportunities for dialogue. We value the opinions from our shareholders and endeavour to provide detailed explanations and responses.

For Institutional Investors

The president and the senior management team conduct quarterly financial results briefings, roundtable meetings, and business briefings for institutional investors. Also, the officer responsible for investor relations visits institutional investors in Japan and overseas and caters to individual requests for interviews or materials. And we strive to gain an understanding of our strategy.

For Individual Investors

We participate in presentations and Q&A sessions for individual investors around Japan. The booklet that we issue every six months mainly for individual shareholders, NYK Plus, offers insights into our businesses by including information about our frontline transport operations.

NYK Plus booklet for individual shareholders (Japanese language only)

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