Environmental Certification

ISO 14001 Certification (Environmental Management System)

NYK has an ISO 14001 multi-site certification for about 150 offices and 750 vessels, including many chartered ships. Our headquarters is based in Japan, and we have regional headquarters for Europe, South Asia・Oceania, East Asia, North America, to maintain the high standards of our environmental management system. Moreover, we have stationed a chief of environmental management and established a Safety & Environmental Management Committee in each region so that we may remain a unified ISO 14001—based organization.

ISO14001 Certified Site List (As of April. 2017)

ISO14001 Certified Site List (As of April. 2017)
Below is the list of sites that are certified by NYK Group's multi-site.
Month and Date certified
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. (NYK) Head Office (Tokyo) Mar-02
Yokohama Branch Oct-02
Nagoya Branch Oct-02
Kansai Branch Oct-02
Kyusyu Branch Oct-02
Kyusyu Branch Moji Office Mar-11
Tokyo Container Terminal Oct-02
Kobe Container Terminal Oct-02
The NYK Maritime Museum Feb-15
NYK Hikawamaru Feb-15
NYK CRUISES CO., LTD. Head Office (Yokohama) Mar-02
Cruise Ship “ASUKA Ⅱ” May-06
NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd. Tokyo Office & Vessels Dec-06
NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd. Head Office (Tokyo) Oct-13
NYK GROUP EUROPE LTD. London Office Jun-03
Southampton Office Jun-03
Liverpool Office Jun-03
Le Havre Office Dec-03
Marseille Office Dec-03
NYK Energy Transport (Atlantic) Ltd. London Office May-12
NYK LINE (Benelux) B.V. Rotterdam Office and North Continental Procurement Jun-03
Antwerp Office Jun-03
NYK LINE (DEUTSCHLAND) GMBH. Hamburg Office Jun-03
Duesseldorf Office Jun-03
Frankfurt Office Jun-03
Bremerhaven Office May-04
Helsinki Office Jun-03
Aarhus Office Jun-03
NYK LINE (NORTH AMERICA) INC. Secaucus Office (New Jersey) Jun-03
Boise Office Jun-03
Chicago Office May-04
Atlanta Office May-04
Los Angeles Office May-04
NYK LINE (CANADA) INC. Toronto Office Jun-03
Vancouver Office May-04
YUSEN TERMINALS INC. Terminal Island (Los Angels) Jun-03
NYK GROUP SOUTH ASIA PTE LTD Singapore Office Jun-03
NYK BULKSHIP (ASIA) PTE. LTD. Singapore Office Jun-03
NYK LINE (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. Shah Alam Office Jun-03
Penang Office May-09
P.T. NYK LINE INDONESIA Jakarta Office Jun-03
NYK LINE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Bangkok Office Jun-03
NYK RORO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Bangkok Office Jun-03
Monohakobi Technology Institute. (MTI) Head Office (Tokyo) Apr-05
NYK Container Line Ltd. Head Office Apr-05
Nagoya Branch Apr-05
Kansai Branch Apr-05
Kansai Branch Kobe Office Jul-07
Yusen Logistics (Edam) B.V. Warehouse and Office (Edam) May-06
Yusen Logistics (Benelux) B.V. Rotterdam (Warehouse and Office) Apr-04
Amsterdam (Warehouse) Mar-12
Luxembourg Cargo Centre Mar-12
ADC1, Melsele (Warehouse and Office), Apr-04
PEE, Melsele (Warehouse and Office) Apr-04
Herentals Warehouse Nov-11
Brussels Warehouse Nov-11
Charleroi Warehouse Dec-12
Arras Warehouse (France) Mar-12
Arras Caterpillar Feb-15
CHITTAGONG Office May-06
NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD. Singapore Office & Vessels May-06
Tokyo Office May-06
NYK LINE LANKA (PVT) LTD. Colombo Office Dec-06
NYK Line (India) LTD. Mumbai Office Dec-06
New Delhi Office Dec-06
Chennai Office Dec-06
Kolkata Office Dec-06
NYK RORO (ASIA) PTE LTD. Singapore Office Jul-07
NYK LNG Shipmanagement (UK) Ltd. London Office & Vessels Oct-07
NYK BULKSHIP (ATLANTIC) N.V. Antwerp Office Apr-08
New York Office Apr-08
Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o. Kolin Warehouse Apr-08
Stancice Warehouse Apr-08
Krupka Warehouse Mar-12
Zlicin Head Office Mar-12
NYK LINE (Italy) Sp.A Milan Office Sep-08
Genoa Office Sep-08
Yusen Logistics (China) CO.,LTD. Shanghai Office Oct-09
Shanghai Pudong Logistics Center Oct-09
Yusen Logistics (Deutshland) GMBH. Dusseldorf Office and Warehouse Feb-13
Duisburg Warehouse Aug-10
Hamburg Warehouse Aug-10
Frankfurt Warehouse Feb-13
Munich Warehouse Feb-13
Stuttgart Warehouse Feb-13
Alzenau Warehouse Feb-13
Hamburg Office Sep-16
Yusen Logistics (Polska) SP.Z.O.O. Warsaw Office Nov-10
Wroclaw Warehouse Nov-10
Torun Warehouse Nov-10
Tychy (Forwarding Office) Nov-10
Gdynia Office Nov-10
Krakow Office Oct-12
Yusen Logistics (Italy) S.P.A. Arluno Warehouse & Head Office Nov-10
Romentino Warehouse Nov-10
Yusen Logistics (France) S.A.S. Paris Roissy HQ & Warehouse Mar-12
Lyon Warehouse Oct-10
Hauconcourt (Forwarding Office) Mar-11
Le Havre Office Mar-12
Marseille Office Mar-12
Yusen Logistics (Iberica) S.A. Barcelona Office Dec-10
Valencia Office Apr-14
Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. Secaucus Office (New Jersey) Nov-11
Long Beach Office (Warehouse Division) Dec-10
Dominguez Office (Warehouse Division) Dec-10
Port Murray Office Mar-13
NYK LINE DO BRASIL LTDA. Sao Paulo Office Feb-11
Santos Office Feb-11
NYK de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Reforma Office (Mexico City) Nov-11
Mexico Pantaco Office (Mexico City) Nov-11
Manzanillo Office Nov-11
NYK LINE (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Melbourne office Feb-12
Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. Head Office (Tokyo) Mar-12
Yusen Logistics Europe B.V. Amsterdam (HQ) Mar-12
Yusen Logistics (Hungary) KFT. Budapest Warehouse Mar-12
Airport Business Park Mar-12
Yusen Logistics Rus LLC. Moscow Office Mar-13
Moscow Warehouse (Pokrov) Apr-14
St. Petersburg Office Apr-14
NYK Sudamerica (Chile) Ltda. Santiago Office Sep-12
Valparaiso Office Sep-12
Iquique Office Sep-12
NYK Business Systems Co., Ltd. (NBS) Head Office (Tokyo) Nov-12
NYK Automotive Logistics (China) Co.,Ltd. Tianjin Office Dec-12
Shanghai Office Dec-12
NYK Line (New Zealand) Limited. Auckland Office Jan-13
NAGOYAKISEN KAISHA, LTD. Head Office & Tug boats Mar-13
GENEQ CORPORATION. Fukuoka Office May-13
Tokyo Office Jun-13
Naikai Tug Boat Service Co., Ltd. Head Office & Tug boats Nov-13
Tokyo Office Nov-13
Mizushima Office Nov-13
Sakai Office Nov-13
Hiroshima Office Nov-13
Onomichi Branch Office Nov-13
Tokuyama Branch Office Nov-13
Ube Branch Office Nov-13
Oita Branch Office Nov-13
Matsuyama Branch Office Nov-13
Komatsushima Branch Office Nov-13
Yusen Logisitcs (Turkey) Istanbul Office Mar-16

Green Management Certification

As of April 1, 2017, nine NYK Group companies*1 had obtained Green Management certification, which is presented to enterprises that promote environmental conservation of a certain level or higher based on the Green Management Promotion Manual issued by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation (https://www.green-m.jp). For example, the practice of “eco-driving” through the use of low-emission vehicles would be a green management practice. By officially recognizing carriers' efforts, this certification system aims to reduce environmental burdens caused by the transportation industry. More companies throughout the NYK Group plan to obtain certification in the future.

Nippon Container Yuso Co. Ltd., Yusen Koun Co. Ltd., UNI-X Corporation, Asahi Unyu Kaisha Ltd., Kaiyo Kogyo Corporation, Yokohama Kyoritsu Soko Co. Ltd., Yusen Logitec Co. Ltd. (Narita office), Hokuyo Kaiun, and Kinkai Yusen Kaisha Ltd.

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