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Human Capital Development

Seeking to create workplace environments that are inspiring and instill pride

As a global enterprise that has the utmost respect for diversity in the workplace and the spirit of challenge, we emphasize the development of employee talents so that all staff members can take pride in their work and eventually fulfill their dreams.

HR Philosophy

Continually develop diverse talent at all group companies across global fields

The NYK Group operates in a wide range of fields, and its employees come from an extensive and diverse range of countries. Our human resources (HR) philosophy was formulated in 2005 to encourage all employees to maximise their potential. Our training of the next generation emphasises the following:

  1. Flexibility and liberality (tolerance) to understand different cultures and heterogeneous ways of thinking;
  2. Leadership to lay out clear visions and goals, and to encourage others to achieve the established goals; and
  3. A management mindset and skills that encompass people management, specialist knowledge, and the ability to look at things from a broader perspective.

Working on Land

We seek to create workplace environments that are inspiring and instill pride, and a key component in this is a training system that develops global business leaders. [Details]

Working at Sea

We seek to create healthy workplace environments and support safe vessel navigation with training programs that improve the skills of seafarers. [Details]

Human Resources Data

Employee Demographics, Occupational Accidents, Employee Support System, Education etc. [Details]

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