Safety on Land

Land Transport — Safety Initiatives in Logistics

The Narita Logistics Center of Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. (YLK) obtained the TAPA (Class-A) certificate in 2005, and YLK’s Central Japan Logistics Center follows standard TAPA regulations to ensure cargo safety and security at warehouse facilities.
To address threats like terrorism, which have recently increased across the world, YLK installed gate-shaped metal detectors at both the Narita and Central Japan logistics centers in April 2014 and those gates are currently in service.
In addition to the current checks for entry and exit, the gate-shaped metal detectors enable YLK to ensure the prevention of critical troubles such as disruptions by outsiders or suspicious people, threats caused by dangerous items, and illegal access to air cargo. By introducing such security, YLK aims to ensure rapid and safe air-cargo services.


Land Transport — Safety Initiatives at Ports and Terminals

The NYK Group has continually shared information on and analyses of accidents, and reinforced emergency contact systems with group affiliated companies and container terminals located in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe, to emphasize as the primary safety measure the fundamental principle of avoiding accidents before they happen.
The NYK Group takes every step to share and standardize specific measures against accidents by presenting reports and information in joint safety promotion conferences with employees in charge of safety at all container terminals.
The NYK Group makes efforts to continually advance our ultimate goal of “zero” accidents by implementing safety measures to ensure the careful delivery of our customers’ cargo.


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