Highest priority as the foundation for all our business activities

It goes without saying that safety is the foundation for all our business activities and is our highest priority. This involves continual activities day-in, day-out to improve safety awareness, check and confirm the basics from the perspective of accident prevention, report and respond to the root causes of accidents, coordinate closely with partners who are vital to safe ship operation, and hold ongoing emergency response exercises.

Safety on the Sea

We draw on 130 years of experience and expertise in our initiatives to improve the safety of ship operations. [Details]

Original Safety standard NAV9000

It acts as a quality management system, it has received ISO9001 certification. [Details]

Safety on Land

At the core of all of our efforts is the idea that preventing accidents from happening is the best form of safety. [Details]

Safety in the Air

It is NCA's mission to take up the challenge of providing higher quality cargo services continuously. [Details]

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