Promotion System and Activities

Organisations to Promote CSR Activities

We have established the Corporate Communication and CSR Group at NYK's headquarters, appointed CSR Task Force members in each group at the headquarters, and appointed CSR officers at Group companies in Japan and overseas. The Corporate Communication and CSR Group coordinates, promotes, and supports all CSR activities in the NYK Group. The Corporate Communication and CSR Group is also responsible for leading internal reforms and communicating information both inside and outside the organisation so that the NYK Group better responds to the requirements of its stakeholders, meets the expectations of society, and builds on the confidence that society has entrusted to the Company.

The group's activities include preparing integrated reports “NYK report”, conducting CSR training programmes, and administering the SRI Survey*1.

Overseas, we collect reports on CSR activities from regions worldwide and share those reports through the Global CSR Newsletter. Also, the NYK Group receives regional activity reports and discusses proposals from NYK's headquarters.

The 54 main Group companies in Japan have CSR officers. Overseas, we have deployed CSR coordinators at four regional management companies*2 and at two companies in other regions*3 to promote CSR activities that address local concerns and issues. In Japan and overseas, CSR officers share information with NYK's headquarters and other officers as activities are developed and implemented.

*1 SRI Survey
Survey from socially responsible investment perspectives
*2 Regional management companies
East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America
*3 Other regions
Oceania, Latin America

CSR Management Chart (As of April 1, 2016)


Global Compact Promotion Committee

In 2010, we established the Global Compact Promotion Committee to promote the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and to oversee investigations into and responses to human rights infringements. Comprising representatives from the Human Resources Group and the Corporate Communication and CSR Group under the control of the head of the Human Resources Group, the committee advances initiatives focused on UNGC Principles 1–6, which deal with human rights and labour standards. Since fiscal 2011, the Group has been promoting greater understanding of these areas of the UNGC by conducting training and HR survey every year at Group companies in Japan and overseas. The Environment Group heads up initiatives for the environment area of the UNGC, while the Legal and Fair Trade Promotion Group lead initiatives for the anti-corruption area.

Global Compact Promotion Process


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