Value Enhancement Processes in Frontline Operations

Amid fierce competition, customers choose us because of the way we act and think.
For our employees, their conduct is a matter of course, but for an outsider these attributes can be difficult to see.
Accordingly, this section explains the NYK Group’s typical internal processes.

The NYK Group’s business activities face various risks.
However, by responding to these risks actively, we establish competitive superiority. We identify management tasks from the perspectives of business management and stakeholders, incorporating identified tasks into business strategies and day-to-day operations. Based on this approach, we will maximise the diverse value and strengths we have accumulated during our 130-year history to pursue the numerical targets set out in the medium-term management plan.
Further, with a strong sense of the responsibility befitting their engagement in operations that are part of society’s infrastructure and support daily life, employees will continue innovating to create new value.


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