Disclosure of Environmental Data

Disclosing GHG data based on the GHG Protocol

NYK regularly receives an assurance statement from a third-party certifier confirming that NYK is reporting and disclosing accurate numerical values for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by NYK Group companies. This data is then used in calculations to confirm that NYK is meeting the framework of Scope 1, 2, and 3 of the GHG Protocol*, a benchmark that NYK has achieved since 2012. NYK’s certification was the first time in the maritime industry that data collection, calculation, and reporting had been confirmed by a third-party to be in line with Scope 3.

Scope1, 2 & 3 for NYK Group


Scope 1, 2, and 3 of GHG emissions in the NYK Group

21,110,000 60,000 1,160,000 22,330,000

[Unit: ton-CO2e]*

* GHG Protocol
: International standards for accounting and reporting GHG emissions.
* CO2e
: CO2 equivalent

External Evaluations

For a fourth consecutive year, NYK has been selected by CDP*1 to be included in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI*2). Further, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices have included the NYK Group for 13 consecutive years, and we have also ranked in the FTSE4Good Index for 13 straight years.

*1 CDP
The CDP is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage, and share vital environmental information. CDP harnesses the power of market forces, including 822 financial institution with assets of US$95 trillion, to collect information from companies on their greenhouse gas emissions and assessment of climate change and water risk and opportunity.
*2 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI)
To enter the CDLI, a company must achieve a score within the top 10 percent of the total Japan 500 population. Twenty-five companies were included in the CDLI in 2015.

Participation in BSR's clean cargo working group

NYK participated in a “clean-cargo” environmental working group on sea transport, a group organized by the U.S.-based nonprofit organization Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), and in 2003 jointly developed an environmental questionnaire that includes a method for calculating environmental load. The result allowed more accurate responses to requests from customers who wanted to better grasp their environmental loads in the logistics field. By using the questionnaire, NYK provides the main containership lines' data on CO2 emissions per transport unit (one 20-foot container per kilometer).

Disclosing Verified Environmental Data

In 2010, NYK began to collect data for the Clean Shipping Index (CSI),*3 and disclose the data to cargo owner companies that use the CSI.

The CSI is an indicator that measures and evaluates the environmental effects of vessel emissions. It consists of 20 categories, including the handling method of onboard waste and the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2) from vessels.

In 2012, NYK received certification for two of the company's pure car and truck carriers, verifying the disclosure of accurate numerical values based on proper methods of collecting environmental data. The certification was provided by third-party certifier Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA).

*3 Clean Shipping Index (CSI)
Comprising 20 categories related to the environment, this index was developed by the Swedish NPO Clean Shipping Project, which was established in 2007.
The users of CSI are expanding among cargo owner companies in European countries such as Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany. The Clean Shipping Network, which represents cargo owner companies, manages the CSI on behalf of the Clean Shipping Project. Since 2008, corrected CSI data from vessel and shipping companies has been disclosed to the Clean Shipping Network.

NYK GROUP CO2 e-calculator

NYK and Group company Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. developed a system that enables the calculation of CO2 emissions produced when containerships or international air freighters transport cargo. Only putting in the starting port & destination port with cargo amount, it can be calculated CO2 emissions produced. Many of our customers in Japan and overseas have been using this tool since we made it available at Group company websites.


Providing Accurate Information to Environmental Questionnaires and Surveys

In 2015, we responded to 33 environmental surveys and questionnaires from other companies, governmental offices, environmental organizations, the press, and the like.
By providing accurate information to such inquiries, NYK is able to demonstrate its trustworthiness and the sincerity of the company's commitment to the preserving the environment.

  FY 2015
Total 33
Companies 16
Organizations 2
Mass media 4
Governmental offices 7
Ranking institutions 4
: Manufacturers, research companies, etc.
: NPOs, incorporated associations, judicial foundations, etc.
Mass media
: Newspapers, press, etc.
Governmental offices
: Japan's Ministry of Environment; Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; etc.
Ranking institutions
: Worldwide SRI Indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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