Environmental Performance Data

Summary in fiscal year 2015

The environmental mass balance shows the balance of the used energy and resources and output of waste and exhaust gases of the whole business activity. NYK grasps the relation of our business activity and the environment to reflect the results to our environmental management plan and activities to reduce our environmental impact.

  • * The amount of greenhouse gas of our fleet is calculated based on “GUIDELINES FOR VOLUNTARY USE OF THE SHIP ENERGY EFFICIENCY OPERATIONAL INDICATOR” agreed in Maritime Environment Protection Committee of IMO (International Maritime Organization) in August, 2009.
  • * Moreover, the amount of the exhaust of greenhouse gas from the office and the terminal of a domestic running own business is calculated based on Coefficient from electric power company and “Law concerning promotion of measures for controlling global warming” of the Ministry of the Environment.

We constructed a system that grasps the environmental burdens of group companies all over the world.

Grasping the environmental burdens of energy consumption is a first step to reducing the burdens. Thus, we collect data on the environmental burdens of Group companies in an effort to comprehensively grasp the load situation throughout all the group companies and promote further reductions at the individual company level.


To better visualize our global environmental performance, we constructed a system, Eco Data Net, that collects 18 kinds of environmental performance data from each of 52 companies and 258 locations.


In January 2007, we started collecting seven kinds of environmental performance data. In August 2012, we upgraded our system, and as of July 2016 18 kinds of data, the same number being collected domestically, were being collected from 109 main overseas consolidated group workplaces. This network is not only a tool for collecting data but also a route for environmental communication. Moreover, we will continually work to improve the accuracy of all data.

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