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Latest News Releases

March 11,2016 Hikawa Maru to Be Designated as Important Cultural Property
October 26,2015 New Versions of NYK Group Video Profile Released
September 29,2015 New Coal Carrier Tenryu Maru Delivered
September 28,2015 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Graduates Its Class of 2015
September 18,2015 NYK Joins Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
September 15,2015 NYK Receives Delivery of Japan's First LNG-fueled Vessel
July 3,2015 Take Caution of Phishing Scam
June 22,2015 NYK Recognized as Parent-friendly Company for a Third Consecutive Term
May 19,2015 Media Reports about Oil Leakage from NYK Tanker in Tokyo Bay
April 30,2015 NYK Determines Corporate Auditor Nominations
April 21,2015 NYK to Sponsor Events to Celebrate the 85th "Birthday" of NYK Hikawamaru
April 16,2015 Speech by New NYK President Tadaaki Naito
April 6,2015 NYK Named "Nadeshiko Brand"Company for Second Consecutive Year
March 16,2015 NYK to Implement New Employment Scheme for Japanese Seafarers
February 12,2015 NYK Maritime Museum Welcomes 400,000th Visitor
January 22,2015 NYK Begins Project to Encourage Greater Maritime Awareness among Students
January 9,2015 New Year's Message from the President
December 26,2014 The NYK Group's Top News Stories for 2014- Differentiation from competitors through use of creative solutions -
October 29,2014 NYK and YLK Jointly Hold Training Program for National Staff from Offices around the World
October 6,2014 Free Entrance for Maritime Students
October 6,2014 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Graduates Its Class of 2014
October 2,2014 NYK Celebrates Its 129th Anniversary- Maximize Our "Creative Solutions" and Make Use of Active Strategies to Leap Further Ahead -
August 29,2014 NYK Issues Its Annual NYK Report
August 15,2014 Take Caution of Unofficial NYK Global Website
July 16,2014 Take Caution of Unofficial NYK Group Website
June 20,2014 Take Caution against Solicitations in the Name of NYK
May 22,2014 NYK Concludes Agreement with Knowledge Universe Singapore
April 8,2014 NYK Trading Installs Second Solar Energy Facility in Hokkaido
June 12,2013 NYK Trading Installs Solar Energy System in Hokkaido
June 3,2013 New Facilities Welcome Incoming Class to the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy
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